Adult Activities in Dublin

Is Dublin a fun city?

Dublin Ireland, nicknamed “The Pale”, is an old city with plenty of life still in her. It’s a popular destination for tourists of all sorts. Many come to enjoy the nightlife, and with plenty to offer, Dublin has earned a well-deserved reputation as a party destination. It can be said with some certainty that Dublin is in fact a fun city, provided you do some homework to tailor your experience to your interests. With that said, below are 6 ideas for fun adult-themed activities to enjoy while in this great city.

The Brazen Head Pub

20 Low Bridge Street

Usher’s Quay

Dublin D08 WC64

Brazen Head

+353 1 679 5186


Established in 1198, this iconic and historic feature of the Dublin pub scene is situated on the banks of the River Liffey. It is the oldest pub in Dublin and while it refers to itself as “Ireland’s oldest pub”, this is a point of fierce contention. Still, it is a must-visit experience. The Brazen Head is a self-described gastro bar, so aside from bringing a good thirst, bring your hunger as well. Serving a modern interpretation of a hearty Irish stew that is simply divine. Open from noon till late every day of the week, food service stops at 21:00. There is often live music and the atmosphere is authentic and cheery.

It can be found here

thebrazenhead pub

The Craic Den Comedy Club

Workman’s Club (Upstairs)

10 Wellington Quay

Dublin 2

+353 1 670 6692

craic den dublin

Nothing like a good laugh to brighten up the night. There are several great comedy venues, but The Craic Den is especially highly rated, being awarded the Travellers’ Choice designation in 2022. The operating times and central Dublin location fit well with weekend city jaunts. The Craic Den operates on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays with shows lasting approximately 2-3 hours. Great location! Great laughs! Get in!

craic den dublin location


54 Middle Abbey St

Dublin 1

+353 1 873 4020


A fun time all around. Referring to itself as a rum bar, but featuring so much more. Karaoke, table tennis, drag brunch, terrace space, DJs, etc. means that there’s never a dull moment. The food and cocktails are well crafted. Attracting the young and young at heart alike. Opens at noon daily and operates until late on the weekends.

wigwam dublin location

The Old Storehouse

3 Crown Alley

Temple Bar

Dublin 2

+353 1 607 4003

Located near the Halfpenny Bridge in Dublin’s Cultural Quarter, this bar attracts those looking for a warm welcoming local environment. There is a lively men’s area, a quieter intimate area, a live music venue, as well as a venue bar called O’Flaherty’s. The music is typically traditional Irish folk, and as the night progresses so do the voices chiming in. The smoking area is covered, which is convenient if you are familiar with the Dublin rainfall stats. The food is typical pub fare but the atmosphere more than makes up for it. Opening at noon daily and closing late on the weekends, this is a popular haunt for both locals and visitors looking for a more authentic Dublin experience.

Adult Erotic Entertainment

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Jameson Distillery

Bow St

Smithfield, Dublin 7, D07 N9VH

+353 1 807 2355

There are several distilleries in Dublin. Some are quite old and others offer different amenities, but Jameson is a fine spirit that is both well regarded as well as likely being offered at your local establishment. With a tour, tasting, and gift shop, it would be hard not to call it “touristy”. Still, it’s a fun time out and worth your while. Just make certain to book ahead of time.