All You Need to Know About the UK Sexpo 2019

UK Sexpo

Are you awaiting the UK Sexpo? For those who are new to it, the UK Sexpo is the largest and longest-running Health, Sexuality, and lifestyle (adult) expo in the world. The UK Sexpo 2019 was all set to happen this fall. However, it has been currently cancelled. The event might take place at Birmingham NFC as its venue for the 2019 event. It is important to note that it is not a porn show. It is an entertainment event for a Female and LGBTI-friendly adult niche.

The UK Sexpo has its origin in 1996 in Australia by David Ross. Later, the event expanded its extent to other parts of the world like South Africa in the year 2007. In London, the first-ever event was organised in the year 2015. Over the past 20 years, the organisers of the event have been organising the mega-event across different parts of the world while producing, approaching, and supervising as many as 90 exhibitions in different corners of the world. Every year, thousands of people from different countries come over to visit and be a part of the massive event. If you are awaiting the final date of the event in 2019, remain in touch with us!

An Insight Into the Life of David Ross –the Mastermind Behind the UK Sexpo

David Ross has relevant experience in the global adult industry as well as the retail industry. He always envisioned modernising the way in which the adult industry & its participants are sampled in the world. David wished to revolutionise the way in which adult products or services are evaluated as well as marketed in the adult market across the world.

Ultimately, David came up with the notion that the best way of ensuring the same is to surround the adult industry products & services with non-sexual products & services. He, then, aimed at presenting the same on a global-level platform –in some high-end venue. This was to ensure that the general public remained comfortable in visiting the venue –a major exhibition venue for showcasing the highlights of the modern adult industry.

The Lucrative Business

Given its humble beginnings, the UK Sexpo has recently celebrated its impressive 22nd birthday. Currently, the event boasts more than 83 national-level shows across as many as 8 capitals as well as regional cities. The event also takes pride in presenting the lucrative figure of as many as 3 million visitors.

While many visitors might have speculations about the event, the promoters at the UK Sexpo 2019 event wish them to know that the event is not just about “sex.” It is more about promoting the notions of Health, Adult Lifestyles, and Sexuality. The exhibition’s name itself is indicative of the essence of the event. However, it should not be taken in the context of the event being any type of sex exhibition. As a matter of fact, the global-level exhibition is known to incorporate companies as well as leaders from a diverse range of fields & industries from all around the world. While the event might have been cancelled for now, the show enthusiasts can still keep their hopes high!