Are condoms protecting you from all STI’s

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Are condoms protecting you from all STI’s

Studies have shown that condoms are 98% effective at protecting against most STIs. The most common sexually transmitted diseases are Gonorrhoea and chlamydia. However, condoms do not offer 100% protection when it comes to genital warts, syphilis, and herpes. That’s because these STIs can be spread from skin-to-skin contact. Below, you will find out more useful information about condoms.


What you must know about condoms

Condoms are very popular all over the world, especially when it comes to dating London escorts. This protection method is the most popular one. Plus, it is also the cheapest one. It is important to always check the condoms you buy to make sure they haven’t expired. Note that in case they have expired, they may lose their quality. This means that they can break during sex. It is also recommended to use lube all the time.

This way, you will help the condom roll onto the penis with ease. Condoms are great at protecting you and your partner from most of the STI’s. Laboratory studies have shown that latex condoms offer an impermeable barrier to particles the size of STD pathogens. Unprotected sex can cause lots of health problems. Plus, it can lead to an unwanted pregnancy. So, remember that safety comes first, especially if you are having sex with escorts.

No matter how much you love sex, it is recommended to not change your partners too often. This will highly increase the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Even if you date escorts who squirt, you should never forget to use a condom. This will offer you great protection, even though condoms are not 100% sure. Remember that your health is more important than sex and the best thing you can do is to look for a long-term partner.


Condoms and STIs

The best way to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases is to not have sex or to be in a long-term relationship. However, since not having sex at all is almost impossible for many people, a condom could be a very good solution for protecting your health. For individuals whose sexual behaviours place them at risk for these diseases, correct as well as regular use of the latex condom can highly reduce the risk of STD transmission. Yet, as we said earlier, no method is 100% effective, and condoms do not guarantee absolute protection.

Plus, condoms that are being lubricated with spermicides are not more effective than other lubricated condoms. To achieve the protective effect of these items, it is essential to use them correctly and regularly. Irregular use can lead to STD transmission because transmission can occur with only one act of intercourse. It is important to know that condom use has been associated with a lower risk of cervical cancer. The use of condoms must never be a substitute for routine screening to detect and prevent cervical cancer. Specialists in sex recommend people who are having sex with different partners or London escorts from, never have unprotected sex. Condoms are without a doubt mandatory in these situations.