Best Escort Agency In Manchester

best escorts in Mnachester and cheshire

Trying to find the best escort agency in Manchester can be a minefield, as so many agencies just pop up. How can you be sure that you have found the best agency to make a booking from? We are going to list some of the standout agencies for us in Manchester that we think you’ll have a great experience with. These are based on gathering information and feedback online so you don’t have to.

Manchester is a large city with a population of 2.7 million people. This is many horny men. When you take into account that some of the biggest football teams in the world are also in the city, there are a lot of travelling fans every week visiting the northern city. This makes Manchester a very popular place for business and pleasure. So, in no particular order, these are the best escort agencies in Manchester.

Secrets Escorts Agency

This agency has been going on for over 25 years if that doesn’t give you the best vibes ever about how an agency operates and looks after its clients. So you can be assured this escort agency is a very professional outfit that has its client’s best interests at heart. If you get the horn at any time, you can see who is working today from the front page of the website. You don’t have to scroll through the website and try to find one that appeals to you but is also working today. This makes it much easier to find someone who is available that day to meet.

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Secrets Agency

The Bond Girls Agency

The website is laid out really well, so you can find who is available today. This makes it so much easier to find someone that you would like to meet. It seems most of the girls at Bond Girls are outcall only, there are a few that do in-calls but most are outcalls so this might not be best for some people. They also state that they have porn star escorts, but they don’t say who they are as a pornstar. I would prefer to know who the girl is so I can watch a couple of videos., this just makes sense.

All girls have reviews on their profile pages so you can see what people are saying about how their booking went. I think this is great, as it’s from actual clients who have seen the escort, so you get a glimpse of if the escort is any good in the field that you are booking her for.

bond girls escort agency

Bond Girls Agency

Manchester Elite Agency

Now, this isn’t the biggest agency at all, so you might have to be prepared to book whoever is working. But, it does have an in-call location in Manchester. It just has one working girl today, but she is top-level. This goes back to the debate of quality over quantity, while there aren’t many escorts at this agency working at the same time. They do have some great-looking girls with a lot of variety of choices. For this agency, it would be better if you pre-booked and see who is working in advance. It seems at weekends there aren’t many ladies that work it.

Shush Escorts

Again, this goes back to the debate about quality over quantity as Shush has a lot of ladies on the website, but you don’t really know who is working that day and who isn’t. So you might find someone appealing to your eye, but they aren’t working when you are in Manchester. But it does have some great-looking ladies and feedback is below the girl’s profiles, so you get a glimpse of what they may be like and if someone has had an enjoyable experience with them.

Shush has a really good search function to search for escorts that interest you either by age, boobs size, dress size, and hair colour. So if you are just a fan of blondes then it makes it easier to find those escorts.


This has to be one of the biggest showcases of escorts in Chester. They cover a lot of eras doing incalls and outcalls. So there is a lot of variety on this website. They have made it easier for you to search around what you like, so while there are a few ladies, the website is very easy to navigate. My only problem is that you don’t know who is working, so you might fancy someone, but they aren’t working when you want to meet.

Manchester Agency Conclusion

We all know who is the best escort agency in Manchester and that depends on you as we all get horny at certain points and might want to meet someone within the next few hours, and being able to see who is working today makes it a lot easier to navigate and control your horniness. There are many agencies in Manchester for escorts for you to pick from, so pick one where you can see reviews. Good luck.