Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Loved One

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

The holidays are near. It’s time to think about the Christmas Gifts you want to give to your better half, partner, spouse, or girlfriend. You could always go with the sappy route and give them a romantic gift or a weekend getaway. Either one can be a great present, but what if you’re just in the beginning stages of a relationship?

Shopping for your new beau can be intimidating. You wouldn’t want to overdo things and come off strong, but you also want to show them that you care. Fortunately, you can strike a good balance with the following gifts. Choose from funny and light-hearted presents that can kindle more sparks into your relationship.

What to Give?

Man giving his girlfriend a Christmas present

Matching Bracelets

You can buy exceptional jewellery for your significant other that matches yours. Some have magnetic charms that are put in each bracelet, and they attach when you put them near each other. This is a sweet and gentle reminder to your other half that the attraction remains strong even if you’re apart.

Kinky Gifts

You might want to add spice to your relationship, and you’ve been together for years. If so, why not try kinky gifts for Christmas and experiment with something new? Spice up the bedroom with lingerie, adult sex toys, and vibrators. Most of them will heighten the anticipation and element of surprise for your partner. Sensory plays and extra sexy lingerie are what you definitely need if you want to have an unforgettable holiday this year.

Monthly Subscriptions

Get twists with your date nights with monthly subscription boxes. You can get into game night, fun couple’s challenges, DIY projects, or cooking activities that are different from your previous dates. These boxes may include delicious and healthy treats, thoughtful presents, and communication tips that will help improve your overall relationship with your spouse. You can connect and have fun in new ways, and some of the boxes have add-ons for those who want to take their date night up to the next level.

Jigsaw Puzzles

If you’re into mind games and fun puzzles, a jigsaw is something that you two may enjoy solving. Some are customised with your names and show street signs that show two souls crossing paths with each other. You may also want to add important dates such as anniversaries and the date when you two first met, and the creators will undoubtedly give you what you want. Some pieces can be up to 500 or 1,000, so the night will become busy. Others offer a personalised image that can be added to the box and the puzzle itself, making them ideal Christmas gifts for two people in love.

Couple Games

A couple celebrating Christmas

If your love language includes quality time, you can keep the sparks flying with your partner when you two spend the night together answering thought-provoking questions. You can get out of your comfort zone and know more about your partners’ wants and needs.

This is ideal whether you’re several years in the relationship or you’re still new. You can interact with them and become closer together. This game consists of cards that have questions on them, and they are shrink-wrapped in a box. There’s even a money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the results.

Pizza Roulette Task Board

One of the usual fights in a relationship is who gets to do the house chores. Well, there comes the pizza board roulette where the mechanics include people spinning it around and taking a slice each, and their chores will be revealed. If you or your partner is lucky, someone will do the laundry or wash the dishes at night, and there will be no more bickering afterwards.

Vintage Photo Albums

This might be a time when the photos are stored digitally, but you can always get into the fun part where they are stored in the form of a personalised album. They are a fun way to display the most treasured memories you have with someone and print them onto photo paper.

Browse photos on your loved ones’ Facebook or Instagram accounts and come up with the best shots they have. You can then send this to a vintage album on sites like Etsy who can create highlights and reels about your best moments together.

Aglaonema Plant

An Aglaonema cultivar can make wishes come true. Those who grow it are known to amass a fortune and be extremely lucky in their endeavours. Regardless of if you believe that it can grant your wishes or not, there can be no denying that this is going to give your space more colour, and you can add greenery to your home. Learn more about this plant on this page.

The plants have leaves that are adorned with patterns of green and pink marks. This can tolerate poor light, but they are going to thrive better in bright lights. They grow up to three feet tall, and they arrive with a planter with the colour of your choice so you can start making a wish right away.

Calendar Recipes

If you’re both tired of eating take-out food and or cooking the same dish every night, a calendar of recipes may be the best option for you. You can keep out the boredom by shaking some things in your cooking routine. Every day is a different offering that will give you the flavours that you will love.

Tearing up a page every day will reveal new recipes from the editors of magazines like Delish. You can try Cranberry bites, street corn nachos, lobster rolls, gingerbread eggnog, and skillet brownies. This is perfect for the next year as you start everything right.

Wine Subscriptions

Young couple drinking champagne at Christmas

A wine-tasting set may be the perfect present for your loved one who loves a drink or two. There’s no need to blend anything at all, and you can discover the uniqueness of each grape. You can get some highlights like the cherry-red rose or the sparkling varieties at 100 ml each. This is an excellent introduction for those who want to discover more about wines.