Simple exercises at home

Simple exercises at home

The human body is made up of numerous joints and muscles that require a minimal amount of activity. Exercise, to keep the body active and to take care of it, is important. The intensity and duration depend on how much you want to develop strength and elasticity. It is not necessary to maintain a perfect body according to beauty standards because that requires a lot of effort and time. But all the experts recommend a minimum in order to live a healthy life, and even more so now that the irruption in the daily life of the Coronavirus has made us stop in our tracks. Let isolation be our day-to-day and practice this type of exercise in the living room becomes something necessary to keep in shape without leaving home.

Therefore, below we will detail a series of very simple and easy exercises to practice at home that the escorts in London swear by. In this way, it will not remain as the typical New Year’s objective that practically everyone sets out to join the gym. Not only do you have to think about it, but also do it.

You can do exercises if you have certain objects at home that will facilitate it. Some of the most common ones can be a treadmill, weights, balls or even a floor mat to lean on to do a series of sit-ups.

If they are available, they can easily be used to exercise muscles and joints in different ways. In the YouTube app, you can find many specialists who have been uploading live videos and even routines showing basic exercises to do with them. The point is not to stand still.

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Exercising with things at home

On the other hand, if these objects are not available, there are other, more creative ways to stay active. For example, you can use, instead of weights, packages of rice, macaroni or even packages of toilet paper, an element that will surely not be missing from your home.

They can be used to perform a series of arm or leg lifts. You can even control the weight you are lifting as you can lift several packages at once.

Another great exercise is dancing. It’s as easy as hitting the play button on your favourite song and letting go. This can also be a great way to get rid of everyday stress. Although it is true that perhaps this is best done with a large, clear space in the house so you can move freely.

In the same fashion, you can use the steps you may have at home if you live in a duplex, flat or multi-storied house. Going up and down can be very beneficial, but be aware of every movement. It is not worth dropping in any way


Types of exercise

One of the easiest routines to implement is stretching. In today’s societies, people tend to get into bad positions. Hence, over time, the body complains and pain arises. That is why experts recommend stretching as soon as you get up and go to bed, either alone or accompanied by one of the escorts from Edinburgh. Especially the neck, legs, arms and back.

Even for the laziest, there’s a funny exercise that’s very easy to do. Even if it doesn’t burn calories as such, it helps the elasticity of the skin and muscles. It’s as simple as standing in front of a mirror or camera and putting on all sorts of faces. The more original the better. You can even help with your hands to make your face as “ugly” as possible. It may not help much to create a fit body, but at least you get to laugh and they say it helps with wrinkles too so is worth a try…

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Alternative Exercises

Speaking of selfies, uploading content to different social media can also help. Even doing the well-known TikToks or other viral challenges that may arise in these moments in which the Coronavirus has us isolated at home.

It is also important to note that even with daily tasks, even minimal exercise is performed. Cleaning the floor, putting the washing machine on, cooking… Depending on the way you do it and the intensity, it can help you stay active. Besides take into account the posture in which you do each thing, such as bending your knees, with your back straight.

The secret is often creativity. It is not necessary to invest much money or time. Many are the excuses that are used for not doing it and postponing it. Even studies and surveys show that the population is becoming more and more sedentary. But if you want to improve your quality of life or avoid possible diseases such as heart disease, you have to exercise.

The truth is, you can stay active even when you’re sitting down. Stretching or lifting your legs or even improving your pelvic floor muscles (those that support your organs and prevent urine loss) by opening and closing your sphincter.

In conclusion, you can do many different exercises, all of which are very beneficial. It is not in vain that experts recommend doing 150 minutes of medium-intensity exercise per week or 30 minutes per day on average. Therefore, one should be encouraged to do some of them appropriate to the age, gender and abilities of each one. The first step is mental and fundamental to create the routine and from there you will go out alone. Because doing sport doesn’t have to be boring.