Did the Pandemic Kill Your Libido? Time to get it back

It’s a known fact that the pandemic messed with everyone’s life – whether you had to adjust to new safety rules, lose your old job and find a new one and getting used to spending most of your time at home with or your partner. All the changes that came with the pandemic affected most people’s libidos.

So, if this is your case and the pandemic killed your libido, it’s time to get it back! With things going gradually back to normal, it would be expected that your sex life would also return to its normality, but sometimes it’s not that simple. That is why we have some suggestions for you to improve your intimacy with your partner.

Since the lockdown began, most people have felt higher levels of depression. This mental illness affects various aspects of your life, and libido is no exception. To help you with this issue, the best way to do so is focus on the mental aspect. Once you start to improve your emotional and psychological health, the other parts of your life will fall into place.

So, what are some important things you can do in your daily life to improve your libido?

  1. Get in touch with your sexual self

Start by connecting to your mind and body and figuring out what makes you horny. Think of things that excite you and make you want to get in touch with your sexual self. Whether it’s picturing a sexual scene in your mind or touching nonsexual parts of your body while you meditate, it’s important to find something that you can do in your routine that will help you in your sex life.

  1. Touching and exploring

This time, we advise you to really start touching yourself or your partner. Even if you are cuddling up in the couch while watching a movie, lying in bed before going to sleep or with yourself. Respect your partner’s and your boundaries and start exploring the wonderful world of preliminary touching. Once you start to feel the temperature is rising, then you might be ready for some sexual action.

  1. Communication is key

For all good relationships, communication should always be the pillar. Whether it’s understanding how you feel about your body and what it is telling you, or finding out what’s on your partner’s mind, the best way to do this is to communicate. Once you figure out that something needs to be done regarding your libido, you can always trust a good communication process to improve it. Understand what your body needs and what your partner is thinking, and find out how you can start to help each other.

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