Do You Have A User Sex Guide? Check This Out!

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Do You Have A User Sex Guide? Check This Out!


Whether it’s the subject of a hit number or the top trending topic for a heinous celebrity act, sex is what everyone talks about. But despite being such a hot topic, not many of us talk about actually having good sex!


This is especially true for women. In the US for example, 62% of women admitted to not being satisfied with their sex lives. So what’s going wrong? Why can’t we seem to just get it right?


The answer is, that we don’t actually read sex guides as often as we should. Despite sex guides having been around for well over 2,000 years it’s often been a taboo subject. This means that most of us never really understood what we needed to do in order to have awesome sex for many many years.


So in this article, we will provide you with a basic guide to having the most amazing sex. We will give you some beginner tips, look at some positions as well as things that you can do to make you last longer. By the end of it you will be a sex pro, so check this out!

If you do not have a partner to appreciate and use this guide with, why not check out realistic sex dolls available online? There are many sites online catering to all types of tastes, including ones where you can Customise your sex doll for an added fee.

Beginners’ Guide To Sex


Don’t Rush The Sex


Whether you’re new to sex or not, the most important thing to remember is to never rush. If you want to be a sex god or goddess you must be patient, flirtatious, and imaginative. Sex begins in the mind and ends in the bedroom!


Be Patient And Have Foreplay


However, once in the bedroom, foreplay is essential. A massage with oils or lotions is a fantastic method to start foreplay. This is mostly because massages entail a lot of contact, which causes the body to release a hormone called oxytocin. This is a hormone that stimulates bonding and attraction.


Kissing is also an important element of foreplay and it’s often forgotten. Kissing releases chemicals such as cortisol that lower stress for both men and women. But for men, kissing also increases testosterone and dopamine which adds to their sex drive. Consequently kissing could also help some men have a longer-lasting erection.


Lovers Guide Sex Play


Another great way to heighten the initial experience and get your blood boiling will be to play some sex games. One game in particular which is great is “Finding the Honey” because it can involve a lot of kissing and touching.


Oral Sex Guide


Oral, The Best Way To Go From Foreplay To Sex


While playing some sex games can be a great way to move up the bases. Oral is a good bridge between foreplay and sex. It’s a good way to start playing with each other before you get to full-blown sex. No one likes a selfish partner either, so making sure your partner is at the same level of stimulation while also taking initiative is exactly what women want in a man.


Most People Prefer Their Partner’s Pubic Hair Trimmed Than Shaved


But for oral to be a decent experience, make sure things are nice and clean down below. “Clean” doesn’t mean you have to shave everything though. Most people don’t actually like their partner totally shaved and prefer someone who’s trimmed or natural.


Push The Right Buttons


If you’re a guy, remember the golden rule! The most sensitive part of a woman’s vagina is the clitoris. It’s on the upper part of the vagina and it’s where you should concentrate your efforts. As for women, flick and lick the frenulum! It’s the most sensitive part of the penis and it’s located just the underside of the penis head.


Pro-Tip, Take Turns


Don’t assume everyone likes 69, most people don’t. It can be extremely uncomfortable. Although for lesbians it’s a great position for heterosexual couples, take turns instead. Otherwise, you will have an uncomfortable experience where you’re trying to find the right position rather than enjoying the experience.


Sex Positions Guide




Oral is an excellent way to get started on some positions. One particularly easy position to go from oral to full penetration is missionary. Make this position sexy by doing it nice and slow whilst covering your partner’s neck in kisses.




From missionary, you can move to another classic position which is the face-off. It’s a position where your partner sits on your lap directly facing you. You can make this position hot by wrapping one arm around your partner and letting the other run all over their body.




Doggy should also be a must-do position in any sex session. It’s easy, fun and allows for deep penetration. If you want to add a little more spice to this position, stimulate your partner’s clitoris with your free hand and spank them with the other.




If you want to know how to last longer during sex then cowgirl is the best position to do. This position delays the climax for a guy and is a great position for a girl to show dominance. It’s very simple to do. You just need to kneel on top of your partner and ride them like a cowgirl!


However, there are hundreds of sex positions that you can try. Each comes with its challenges and rewards. But the most important thing to remember is not to put pressure on each other to try something you’re not comfortable with.


Sex Guide, Enhance The Experience


Use Toys


Sex needs to be fun and it can’t be a chore. One element that can add to the fun is the use of toys. But toys aren’t just dildos and vibrators, they can range from blindfolds, ropes, cock rings and even furniture.


Some toys are also a great way to begin exploring other venues. Any good anal sex guide for example will say, use toys to begin anal. So if you want to try anal sex, toys are a great way to begin things.


Sex Should Be Fun


Communication is essential for both parties to enjoy sex. It’s also important to remember that sex doesn’t always have to be planned; spontaneous sex can be just as enjoyable.


But if you’re a bit nervous then the trick is not to rush. Slow it down and treat sex like a full-course meal. For the starters try the foreplay, and get a little kinky with some fun sex games.


You can always switch to oral, maybe use some toys and take turns delighting each other. But don’t get too carried away. Remember that the main course is yet to come, so try a few different servings by experimenting with different positions. Whereas for your dessert, share a delicious full-blown orgasm with your partner.