Escort Etiquette with Cupid Escorts

Man on a date with an escort

Escort Etiquette

Escorts” and “etiquette” are two words you don’t expect to hear being used together, but Cupid Escorts believes that they should. Whether you are new to escort dating or an old hand, the following is always worth reviewing.

The most important word to remember when booking and going on an escort date is “respect”. Respect for the escort and for yourself. This is a service industry and treating people with courtesy is only appropriate. This does not mean that you should not have ridiculous amounts of fun, but remember that the often intimate nature of escorting is between individuals who respect each other.

As you might imagine, escorting requires a certain amount of health and safety considerations. You may be asked personal questions at the time of booking intended to verify who you are. This is standard practice and meant to ensure the escort’s safety. The escort or agency may advise of certain precautionary policies related to any intimate contact meant to protect both you and the professional date. Additionally, in the times of COVID-19, additional precautions may be suggested.

When meeting for the date there are some points of common courtesy. Please be punctual. These are professional escorts and treating their time as valuable will only enhance their desire to ensure you have the time of your life.

This should go without saying, but as much as you expect your date to be clean, that expectation goes both ways. Show up fresh and you’ll get plenty dirty.

Alcohol when meeting an escort?

Alcohol certainly loosens things up, but it’s typically considered a no-no. It can turn things sloppy. Besides, it’s a depressant so it will do nothing for intimacy. Then again, if your date and you are comfortable with a few drinks, that’s between you.

Respecting each other often means knowing limits. Setting the limits in terms of what you and your date are comfortable with physically only makes sense, and should ideally be discussed before you meet. However, there are other limits as well. Some escorts, or perhaps you, may not be comfortable kissing. Some are likely not to be comfortable talking about their personal lives, preferring to keep this aspect of their lives separate from the rest. Again, respect each other.

Finally, there is the matter of the after-date. Common Escort Etiquette is to tip them, and yes, even in the UK. These are special professionals in a unique sector, making your intimate adventures into reality. Let them know that you appreciate it. In fact, bringing a small gift to the date is not uncommon either.

As if the escort is open to a review. Cupid Escorts has an active review section and many escorts appreciate the recommendations. If you choose to do so, we recommend not getting specific in terms of the physical aspect. A general “had a brilliant time” will do.

With the above in mind, get your Cupid Escorts date booked today and have yourself buckets of fun!