Antrim Escorts

Antrim Escorts

When mentioning Antrim, many might guess it’s a place somewhere in the UK. They would be correct of course, but the town of Antrim is well worth a visit. Located in Northern in County Antrim in Northern Ireland, the parish town of Antrim is approximately 20 miles from Belfast. It is situated on the delta of the inland lake of Lough Neagh and the Sixmilewater River, giving the town a classic European lake town appeal.

Antrim, whose name means lone ridge, gained its fame from a monastery that was founded there at round 500CE, not long after the death of St Patrick. The steeple, referred to locally as the Round Tower, remains to this day. It is the centre of the Catholic ministry in Ireland. But the town is speckled with historic artifacts. Remains of a great Gaelic fort from the Middle Ages, a well preserved castle from English times, and the like.

But history is just part of the appeal. The town of Antrim is also the administrative centre for the County. The locals tend to be hearty and love life. The local pubs will attest to this mentality. The town is also a popular visitor centre. The mix of local and the those from parts far and close makes for a lively atmosphere. That said, the mind does wander to the pleasures of the flesh, and Antrim does not disappoint in this regard either. From the beautiful local lasses, to the exotic imports, let the Cupid Escorts Antrim directory be your guide.

Cupid Escorts specializes in promoting the finest adult companion talent. We are proud to assist those looking to spice things up while in the Antrim area. The escorts vary as do the clients’ tastes. From the tall and leggy to the short and pixie. Blonde, brunette, pink haired, and everything in between. Sophisticated, intelligent, or just down for getting into it. Whatever your palette desires, the Cupid Escorts Antrim directory is your key to making your fantasy come true. You may wish to take in the town and have a nice dinner with an intelligent and beautiful woman. You may wish to go out on the town and take in the night-life with a drop dead vixen draped over your arm. Perhaps you prefer to meet in a more intimate setting. No matter which, the adult companion talent at the Cupid Escorts Antrim directory will tick your boxes.

The Cupid Escorts Antrim directory is laid out in a user friendly manner to help you find just what you’re looking for. Aside from the profile pictures, you will find details about each of the escorts. This will include contact details. As Cupid Escorts promotes both independent escorts that prefer to manage their own affairs, and agency escorts that leave promotion and booking to their agency. If contacting the former, you will coordinate your date directly with the escort. If you have chosen an agency escort, you will make the arrangements with the agency’s receptionist. Not to worry, in both scenarios you will get just what you’re looking for. You really can’t lose.

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