Colchester Escorts

Colchester Escorts

When thinking of Essex, most people’s minds race to images akin to a scene out of TOWIE. But there is an entirely different side to the County, and the market town of Colchester is a perfect example. This may have to do with proximity to London. Colchester is, after all, on the eastern  side of the County, nearly 50 miles from the hustle and bustle. Still, Colchester is a lovely town well worth visiting.

Colchester, situated on the River Coine, began as the Roman city of Camulodunum. It was the first major Roman city in England, and served as the Capital of Roman England for a period. It is therefore not surprising that Colchester claims to be the oldest recorded town in England. It should also not be surprising, with it’s roots as a Roman fortification, that Colchester has, to this day, a strong military connection. Today it is home to the 16th Air Assault Brigade.

Colchester is a mix of new and very old. As a local Uni student, one could take in the well preserved Norman Colchester Castle in the morning, explore the ruins of St Botolph Priory, and take in the Colchester United Football Club match in the afternoon. Yet, for some of us, desires run to the more erotic pastimes. Luckily, Colchester is serviced by a pool of professional escorts that would make the Romans turn green with envy, so you’re in luck. Luckier still is that the Cupid Escorts Colchester directory is a brilliant way to review the best that the area has to offer.

As you’ll soon realise while checking out the Cupid Escorts Colchester directory, our promoted talent is to die for. Then again, one man’s goddess is another man’s meh. That’s why Cupid Escorts promotes the talent of a wide variety of types. Tall, short, native, exotic, blonde, not so blonde, sophisticated, down and dirty, Essex, country, and everything in between. Whether you’re looking for a lovely dinner with an interesting companion, a night about town getting boozy with the most gorgeous floozy, or something more direct in an intimate setting, the Cupid Escorts Colchester directory has you covered. The real question is, what’s your pleasure?

The talent being promoted by the Cupid Escorts Colchester directory are presented aesthetically in an intuitive manner on our website. Aside from the profile pictures there are some additional details about the escorts. Perhaps most importantly, you will find the companions’ contact information. In order to bring you the widest and best selection in the Colchester region, the Cupid Escorts Colchester directory promotes both independent and agency escorts. If the escort you wish to book a date with is independent, the contact details will put you in touch with them directly. Alternately, if your fantasy date is an agency escort, the contact details will put you in touch with the agency. Either way, the result is the same; your adult adventure fantasy coming to fruition. You can’t lose.

The only thing remaining is visiting the Cupid Escorts Colchester directory and reaching out to angel or devil of your desire. What are you waiting for?