Longford Escorts

Longford Escorts

Located in the midlands region is the county of Longford. This historical town was built on the banks of the River Camlin (meaning “crooked pool” in Irish), tributary of the River Shannon. The word Longford is the English name derived from the Irish “Longphort”, which literally means ship port, or dock.

Longford is one of Ireland’s smallest counties, and is well known for well its waterways and lakes. One of the main attractions is the Corlea Trackway, which is an Iron Age trackway dating from 148 B.C. It is fondly known to the locals as the Danes road. The purpose of the trackway is unknown, although one would think it would be used as a crossing to successfully walk through the bog; massive structures such as the Corlea Trackway may have been created to get into the bog for perhaps ritual purposes. If history is something that interests you, we definitely recommend visiting the trackway, just located near the village of Keenagh.

Activities available in Longford

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If sport is more to your liking, why not get in a few holes in down at Longford Golf Club? This smashing venue was founded in 1894 and warmly welcomes visitors throughout the year. Now, we cannot promise that one of our escorts will be keen on playing golf, but perhaps this could be an activity for yourself; the day after an exciting date with one of our fine companions.

If you prefer to unwind with a game of bowling, a great suggestion is the Longford Megabowl. This huge complex offers 10-pin bowling, laser tag, pool and arcades all under one roof! A perfect place of excitement and relaxation, and no better way to end a trip to Longford.

Whatever you choose to do in Longford, make sure to check out the availability of our escorts. We guarantee they with compliment your activities and make it much more fun!

Choosing the right escort in Longford

Selecting the right escort is like ordering from a menu in a fancy restaurant. There are so many options that all look amazing, but you need to choose one!

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