Monaghan Escorts

Monaghan Escorts

Live locally or travelling to County Monaghan in  Ireland? Thinking that it would be lovely to have a bit of company? Well, Cupid Escorts, the UK’s premier adult companion promotion directory should be your first stop in planning your adventure. But we’ll get to that shortly. First, a bit about the beauty that is not only the talent being promoted on the Cupid Escorts Monaghan directory, but Monaghan itself.

On the Northeast of the Emerald Isle sits County Monaghan, and its identically named County Town. The town is situated on the road from Derry to Dublin, ensuring a fair traffic flow going through Monaghan. The name itself is derived from the Irish word for overgrown hillocks, referred to as drumlins, which were carved out by ancient glacial movements. The land attracted settlement. The earliest known is that of the Menapii Celtic tribe. And while the tribe is no longer active, the Celtic feel of the area can still be felt and seen.

The town itself attracts tourists with its old time feel. Most of the land was owned by a single family until the late Victorian era. And while the Westenra family’s influence has waned, the castle built for the Barons that ruled is still a popular destination. The town centre is picturesque lined with the likes of butcher shops and grocers. The public houses are still an institution and a social centre for the hardy locals. The mix of locals, visitors, and the Celtic feel in the air all contribute to an electric atmosphere. Still, as discussed, there are those of us that would like to add to this by enjoying the company of a  sexy companion. That’s where the services of the Cupid Escorts Monaghan directory come in handy.

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It is worthwhile saying that much like the Monaghan escorts featured on the Cupid Escorts Monaghan directory, we may also have a different interpretation of what a perfect date is. One individual may want to spend some time chatting with the companion of their choice over dinner. You may prefer to head to the pub, or if time constraints are a factor, perhaps just spending an hour or two in a more intimate setting. Heck, perhaps you like a goddess in high heels to spank you silly. At Cupid Escorts, we aim to offer the professional that meets just what you are looking for.

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