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Oxford Escorts

Oxford, the only city in Oxfordshire is well known globally for its local escorts. Well, perhaps that was a bit of a fib. The city is far better known for being home to the University of Oxford. The oldest university in the English-speaking world. The university buildings represent every English architectural style since the Anglo-Saxon period. But Oxford is far more than that. It is an industrial hub for sectors such as auto manufacturing, publishing, and high-tech. Is it any surprise that nearly 200,000 individuals call the city home despite being over an hour’s drive from both London and Birmingham?

For those of us looking for some professional companion action, Oxford is a dream come true. The eclectic mix of academics, professionals, tourists, and blue-collar Joes, makes for a lively atmosphere. It also attracts some of the finest escorts in the UK. Cupid Escorts is proud to promote the best companions in the area. We’d like to think that we’ve made the dreams of all, from the finest minds around to the guy who installed the brakes on your car, come true. After all, the oldest higher education institution goes hand in hand with the oldest profession.

With discerning minds such as those at the University, you can bet that the talent is top-shelf. After all, what professor wants to rock up to the gala with a lady of the night sporting a leopard skin mini skirt? Thankfully for the prof, the Cupid Escorts Oxford directory can hook him up with a drop-dead gorgeous sophisticated date with a high IQ that can dazzle his colleagues and make him the envy of the ball. The best part is that the prof will probably get the ol’ riding crop treatment post celebrations.

Oxford Escort Directory

Just because this is Oxford, it doesn’t mean that all Cupid Escorts visitors are looking for a MENSA member with whom to party. The Cupid Escorts Oxford directory features both independent and agency-represented adult companions. This affords you the widest choice of escorts to choose from. Tall or short, fit or full-bodied, blonde or dark-haired, young or mature, Cupid Escorts brings you the full gamut. Most will travel to meet you. Many provide incall bookings so you can visit them. So whether you are looking to go out with your date in Oxford, take in the nightlife, or simply get together under more intimate circumstances, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Cupid Escorts Oxford directory.

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