St Andrews Escorts

St Andrews Escorts

On the east coast of Fife in Scotland, just 30 miles from the Capital of Edinburgh and 10 miles from Dundee, lays the town of St Andrews. Small as it may be, with its population hard pressed to exceed 20,000, the town of St Andrews is known world wide. Chances are that you know the name as well. St Andrews is, after all, the “home of golf”. Founded in 1754, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews was the legislative embodiment of golf.

But St Andrews if far more than that. It is well worth a visit even if you don’t know your irons from your woods. In fact, the talent at the Cupid Escorts St Andrews directory may be able to assist you with the wood part anyway. St Andrews is also famous for being home to the University of St Andrews. It’s the oldest university in Scotland, and third oldest in the English speaking world. The town was even the ecclesiastical capital of Scotland until the Reformation. You might say that St Andrews is known for being holy in both senses. This is as good a segue as any to mention that the good folk at Cupid Escorts have created a St Andrews directory of professional adult companions for those of us looking to hit a different type of 19th hole.

While there is plenty to do in St Andrews, there is nothing quite like doing it with an escort by your side. The variety of escorts being promoted by Cupid Escorts is such that you are sure to find what you are looking for. Some may join you on the links for a foursome. They may not help you with your slice, but they will leave you smiling nonetheless. Some are ideally suited for an evening on the town with a nice glass of red. If you prefer dancing, the professional talent promoted on the Cupid Escorts St Andrews directory are likely not to even mention if you are light on their feet. Then again, you may only have an hour or two and would prefer to get to know your date in a more private setting, and that’s fine as well. The feedback we have received from the punters is that they have had a fantastic time no matter what type of date they opted for.

If you are a bit hesitant because booking a date may be a complicated process, have no fear. The Cupid Escorts St Andrews directory is laid out with you and the escorts in mind. The profile pictures are laid out in an enticing manner almost beckoning you to review. You will be advised of basic price structures, but can always discuss with your date if you had a timeframe in mind that was outside what is advertised. Whether the escort manages her bookings independently, or via a professional agency you will be provided with the contact details.

All that remains to do now is log on, determine which professional companion you would like to spend time with, and reach out. Just that simple, so get to it!