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Tipperary is a serene place in the Irish countryside, surrounded by fertile farmlands. Nights can be long around these parts. But you can scatter the boredom away in the company of a local Tipperary escort.

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Tipperary Escorts

In the heart of the Emerald Isle lays the famous town of Tipperary. Many know of it from the John McCormack 1914 classic song “It’s a Long Way  Tipperary”. The song is a lament of an Irish worker in London who misses his home so far away. If you’ve been to London and Tipperary, you know that they are worlds apart. One thing they do have in common though is that Cupid Escorts promotes the finest professional adult companions in both.

The town of Tipperary is located within the County of the same name. It is the largest landlocked county in Ireland, so not a beach holiday destination. Considering that the island is in the North Sea, that may not be such a great loss, unless you are partial to hypothermia and wind. That said, what Tipperary lacks in coastline, it makes up in other areas. The hardy folks, the rolling hills, the green prairies, and meandering rivers are simply breathtaking.

Tipperary is located in close proximity to Limerick, which is a great segue to discussing the Cupid Escorts Tipperary directory. There are those of us who would like to enjoy the Irish countryside with the companionship of a professional goddess. Cupid Escorts has been promoting the finest of these individuals, both fresh to the profession and those that are well established. Our list of escorts is wide and diverse. It features local escorts as well as not quite local and exotic.

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Just because you are in Tipperary, this doesn’t mean that you are limited to a small selection of Irish escorts. Cupid Escorts celebrates the fact that we are all different with different tastes, desires, and fantasies. Our selection is assorted and seeks to tick off boxes for everyone. Whether you like redheads, blondes, brunettes, or any shade under the rainbow, we’ve got you covered. Some like ‘em tall, while others prefer right around 5 feet. Old, young, fit, or full-figured, we promote them all. So don’t be shy, and get exactly what you want.

It should also be mentioned that getting exactly what you want may mean different things to different people. Consent is always important, so as long as the escort is on board, it’s between 2 adults. So while getting cosy in an intimate setting may be some people’s ideal escort experience, it doesn’t necessarily have to be yours. You may wish to go to dinner and get to know the ravishing vixen across from you. You may wish to hit the nightlife. Alternatively, some like to be told what to do quite forcefully while being whipped with a riding crop. Again, it’s up to you.

I bet you’re asking how to take that first step towards your dream date. The Cupid Escorts Tipperary directory is your gateway. Simply log on. The escorts have individual profiles. Their pictures are laid out for your review. There is often a bio letting you know a little about them and basic prices for time spent together. Once you have decided which escort you would like to spend time with, simply use the contact details on the profile to take that first step.

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