Aromatherapy Escorts


oiled massage

Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment using plant extracts to relax and improve an individual’s mood or well-being. It is generally used alongside other forms of therapy or as an alternative to medicine. Massage providers are mostly female, yet it is becoming more common for males to provide this service too.

Massage providers will use a hypnotic blend of essential oils which will be softly rubbed onto the skin, or through inhalation and water immersion. Although medical professionals state that there is no evidence that Aromatherapy works, practitioners and people who receive the treatment regularly swear by it, and state it is brilliant for their well-being!

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Even if you usually enjoy something a little kinkier than Aromatherapy, why not give it a try? The soothing oils and ambient setting will take away the stresses of the day. They leave you calm and relaxed like never before.

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