Cross Dressing Escorts


male cross dresser with a blue wig

Cross-dressing is a particular fetish where an individual enjoys dressing in clothing that is generally suited to the opposite gender. A male dressing as a lady may wear feminine clothing such as a dress or skirt; they may wish to include feminine accessories and also might enjoy applying makeup and perfume. A woman would most likely wear a suit or other masculine garments.

People enjoy Cross-dressing for a variety of reasons. Individuals see it as a bit of fun, something cheeky, whereas others love the soft feel of the silky garments against their bodies. Although this kink may appear normal to you, other individuals may not understand. It is important that you find a partner who is supportive and helps you explore this avenue and what fun it may bring.

If you wish to visit an escort and dress in their clothing, you must always gain their permission beforehand. Your frame may be much broader than your chosen escort, and stretching and ruining their garments may not go down too well; you want to build a long-term relationship with your sexy companion, so make sure to ask!

However, do not let this put you off asking your chosen escort! Some sexy companions would love to see you dress in high heels and tight panties and be able to dominate you in the bedroom. Whether you simply want to wear silk panties or go all the way in a tight dress, and stockings, Cupid Escorts has a naughty minx just waiting to satisfy your urges!