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woman deep-throating a banana

Facials is a well-known term that refers to the act of ejaculating onto an individual's face. This is well-known and common in both heterosexual and homosexual sex play. This sex act is extremely popular within the adult film industry. This has led to couples wanting to bring this naughty act into their sex lives to mimic the professionals. Facials can also be used as a form of humiliation, as the submissive partner waits to receive the man’s seed all over their face.

Facials normally happen at the end of penetrative sex, or some other sexual act such as oral. If you are lucky, you will find a companion at Cupid Escorts who enjoys OWO and Facials. What could be more thrilling than a stunning escort taking your full penis in her mouth and then exploding all over her face! If this is something you are interested in, communication is key with your chosen partner. When you are ready to burst, things can get very messy, and semen in the eye can be very painful. Make sure you give plenty of warning so your escort can position herself perfectly for you!