Foot Fetish Escorts


woman putting on a black stocking

Foot Fetish, another name it is known as foot worship, is the sexual attraction to an individual's feet whether this be male or female. Although this may seem like quite a strange fetish, you are not alone, it is one of the most popular fetishes a person has!

If this taboo is for you, it may feel like a difficult task to find someone who shares this fetish, but there are many around, and if you search our VIP models you will find more than a few who would love to indulge you! Once seen as an odd pleasure, it is now widely acceptable, and our bodacious babes would like nothing more than you being on your knees kissing and caressing their feet and toes.

If you want to bring this into your sex life, discuss this with your partner and see what reaction they have, discuss your turn-ons and what excites you! Who knows, maybe they have the same fetish? If your partner wishes to indulge you, they can make this much more thrilling and exciting in a number of different ways. They may wear silky stockings, high heels, whatever is your taste! If you want to really delve into this fetish, you may want to eat food off your partner's feet like whipped cream for example!

The important thing is to discuss with your partner exactly what you want from this experience. You could start slowly by caressing and massaging their feet, then kissing the top of their toes, and if willing, you could experience a footjob which is a sexual act becoming more and more popular within couple's sex lives!