French Kissing Escorts


couple sharing a kiss

The French kiss is a much more passionate and romantic way of kissing whilst using your tongues.

Whether you live in London, Dublin, Liverpool or Swansea you can all kiss like the French and I am sure our amazingly skilled escorts can show you how. After all, practice makes perfect, right?

The French Kiss is called many different things, such as a Lover's Kiss, or in the UK we know it as a Snog.

To make sure you get the most passionate “snog” from our talented experts there are a few things you need to take into consideration beforehand. Make sure your lips are soft; so lip balm is always good to use for that perfect pucker. Your breath should be minty fresh and make sure you have good oral hygiene so you both get that romantic French kissing experience whilst your minty tongues lock with one another.

The key to French kissing is to take it slow, your senses will enlighten and the slow movements will turn you on.

Follow your escort's sensual lead and read their body language. You both will get more pleasure out of slow and sexy than rushing into something and it feeling forced.

If French kissing is something that you are interested in, make sure you have a look for that perfect escort who can get your taste buds tingling!