Group Fun Escorts


man sleeping with three chicks

Group Fun is a sex act that involves three or more partners. It is popular at sex parties, orgies, and swinging and dogging meets. Group Fun is known for being popular with every gender and sexual orientation. If three participants are involved it is commonly known as a threesome or 3-way. It is a common fantasy amongst males and has been sensationalised throughout pornographic films.

Although this cheeky and naughty sex play is available at swinging parties. Couples also seek Group Fun to add spice to their sex life. There are niche dating sites available on the market in which you can turn your “deux” into a “trois”. If this is something you are interested in, remember to approach the subject with your partner carefully. Although this may be your fantasy, it may not be the same for your partner and it could put a massive strain on your relationship and hurt your loved one's feelings.

If you are looking for a third member for some bedroom fun, it is not uncommon to meet an individual for a non-sexual encounter beforehand. Getting to know them before intimacy, can boost the bedroom fun in a huge way. With increased excitement comes an increased risk. Studies have shown that having multiple sexual partners can increase the chance of being infected with an STI, if Group Fun is something you want to try, then make sure you always use protection.