Masturbation Escorts


woman reaching orgasm in bed

Masturbation, also known as self pleasure is when you touch, rub, or massage your own genitals with the aim of achieving an orgasm. You can achieve this orgasm by using your hand, sex toys, or different everyday items.

Fun fact... There are many health benefits linked with Masturbation as it relieves tension, reduces stress, enhances sleep quality, boosts your concentration, elevates your mood, and alleviates pain. Getting to know what makes your body tick will help with your sex life as you can share this with your partner.

An additional health benefit from a study in 2003 shows that masturbating on a regular basis can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

For women, common Masturbation techniques can be stroking the clitoris and vulva with either the hand or fingers, using sex toys to penetrate the vagina, or sex toys on the outside teasing the clitoris.

For men, the Masturbation technique is to hold the penis and move your hand or hands up and down. This can be done as quick or slow as you want, it is all down to what is preferred; stroking the tip of the penis or playing with your balls can also be included.

Masturbation can be enjoyed in your own company or you can do this together by watching one another. This can be a massive turn for some individuals, as watching your partner please themselves can be very erotic indeed!