Penetration (without condom) Escorts


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Penetration (without Condom) is where your chosen escort or partner enjoys and allows penetrative sex without the use of a condom; this can be vaginal or anal. Another term this act is known by is "Bareback". This term was mainly used to describe homosexual intercourse, but it is now used by many people to refer to unprotected sex between any gender; regardless of their sexual orientation.
Many individuals state that penetration, or sex without protection provides a better sensation than wearing a condom. Although you can buy ultra-thin condoms on the market, it will never be quite the same as nature intended. Although penetration without a condom is the most natural thing in the world, it does carry an increased risk. If you are sleeping with multiple partners unprotected, it greatly increases your chance of being infected with an STI.
If you want to have unprotected sex with a chosen escort, it would be advised to build a relationship with them beforehand and gain one another's trust. Many escorts refuse to have unprotected sex due to the risks involved, however, if you click the link below, you will find escorts who enjoy this and would be happy to satisfy your urges and desires!