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Penetration refers to sexual intercourse between two partners; this can be related to any gender or sexual orientation. It is usually referred to as the traditional sexual act where the penis enters the vagina, however, it can be related to other sex play such as anal sex; this can be within a heterosexual or homosexual relationship. Penetration can also include sex toys, as they can penetrate sexual areas just like the male member can.

With Penetrative sex, it is always best practice to be as safe as possible, and by wearing a condom you can achieve this; most individuals will take the precaution of using condoms. With the risk of being infected with an STI, condoms will take the worry away from you and your partner when taking part in a hot and steamy session. To make this experience more exciting, when applying the condom, ask your chosen babe to apply this for you with a firm hand, or maybe even her mouth. It may be better to apply this yourself, however, so you know it is correctly fitted and safe.

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