Prostate Massage Escorts


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The whole purpose of a prostate massage is to enable you to achieve a powerful orgasm. The prostate is located in the anus and can be stimulated by using fingers or a toy. This sexual act isn’t the most well-known, and isn’t favoured by everyone; however, if you find a skilled partner willing to do this, you will have the best orgasm of your life!

Just like all anal play, before starting, you must be well prepared. Make sure you take a warm shower and fully lather your body up so no nasty surprises are found whilst your partner explores your body.

If your partner is well experienced in giving a prostate massage, she may very well be able to take you to the heights of pleasure with only her fingers, however, there are toys and prostate massagers available on the market that can bring you to the very brink of sexual ecstasy.

Make sure you discuss lubrication with your chosen partner. Allowing her fingers or toy to slide in with ease it will only bring you more and more pleasure as the session continues.

Remember, don’t be tense. Lay back and relax, enjoy the experience, If you feel uncomfortable at any point, let your partner know.