Showering Escorts


girls cuddling in the shower
Showering is a daily necessity to keep clean and hygienic, but if you add a partner into the mix, it can be a very erotic situation indeed! When you and your sexy escort are Showering together, you can take it in turns to lather each other and enjoy the warm soapy water against your skin. Your beautiful escort will look amazing as the soap drifts down her cleavage, and runs down her back onto her ass!
Whether you are inviting your gorgeous partner to your home, or visiting them, it is good idea to make sure that the shower is big enough for two! Being close in this situation is definitely part of the thrill, but if the space is too small and cramped, it may take the eroticism away in a heartbeat. Maybe consider booking a deluxe room in a hotel for the two of you; that way you know the bathroom will be ample in size, and all you will have to think about is which beauty you want to lather up!
Once the clean, but dirty fun is over, the excitement does not have to end there! Many individuals enjoy towel drying their partner and then applying smooth moisturiser to their body afterwards. This is pleasurable for the escort as your hands massage in the soft cremes, and it always gives you another excuse to touch their hot body!