Spanking (Giving) Escorts


man with a paddle ready to spank his babe

Spanking (Giving) is the sexual act where your partner or escort would be happy to spank you. Spanking can be performed with the hand or both hands or objects such as a paddle or a belt. As you will be the spankee, the amount of force or how hard you would like to be hit is up to you. It is good to communicate before or during the session exactly what you want from this experience. The use of objects could be very painful, so if the paddle hitting your body is too much, make sure you let your escort know.

Spanking is very popular with mistresses and dominatrixes, so if Spanking is going to play a role in a rough BDSM session, the use of a safe word may be a good idea. The pleasure-pain sensation may feel good at first, but as the session continues you may start to feel sore or experience more pain than you imagined; by using the safe word you can have a break and discuss what is going wrong, or what you would like to change to enjoy this experience.

Deciding on what you want to achieve is important. Some individuals like to be spanked as it is taboo and feels naughty, whereas others love the pain sensation; whichever you decide will help you select the object you may want to be spanked with. If you want to break a taboo, a faux fur paddle will do the job for you, as this will not cause too much pain or discomfort. If you want to feel a pleasure/pain sensation, a wood or hard leather paddle would be suitable as it would provide an intense sting as it ripples against your skin.