Russian Escorts


HD picture of ebony girl in stripey blue and white bikini

Russian is a sexual activity that is known by other names such as tit wank, tit fuck, titty- fucking, or tit job. This activity is where a man puts his penis in between the woman's breasts. The woman would then squeeze them together around the penis whilst he is thrusting; this is to simulate penetrative sex.  The woman can also use her mouth too, licking the tip of the penis as it thrusts between her breasts back and forth.

To make sure the penis glides back and forth easily, lubrication can be used. You can try different types of lubrication with different amounts to work out what’s most pleasurable for you both.

Alternatively, you could take part in oral before to get the penis all nice and wet. The man can also squeeze the breasts around his penis which means he is able to enjoy playing with the breasts and tease and squeeze the nipples as his penis thrusts between them.

As mentioned, the woman can use her mouth. A good tip is for her to prop her head up with a pillow, so she is at a good angle to allow her to have her mouth in the right position to let the penis slip into her mouth once it moves through the cleavage.

Big-breasted or small-breasted

This activity is not only for big-breasted women, this can be done with women with smaller boobs so don't rule those women out. For women with smaller breasts, it is easier for the man to go on top. This position tends to be the best to get the most pleasure, but women who are bustier can switch positions; try different ones out to see what is best for you. Being on top can show dominance so why not switch positions and exchange that power by letting her be in control whilst you lay back and enjoy?

The Russian can be a massive turn-on for some women as they feel sexy; mimicking porn stars whilst pleasuring the man. Whether this is foreplay or the final performance this is definitely something you both will enjoy. When you are getting close to your happy ending, make sure you let your chosen lady know she can prepare to receive your load!