How to Become a Male Escort

Older couple kissing in bed

The profession of male escort is both ancient and modern and continues to fascinate. It involves a man offering companionship to clients in exchange for payment, where this companionship can sometimes be of an intimate nature. This article provides an overview of the main terms and characteristics of becoming a male escort.

History of the profession

Although the term “male escort” became popular in the 20th century, men have been paid for their companionship by women for centuries. In different cultures and eras, there were men who offered services ranging from dancing and entertainment to more intimate affairs. In some societies, these men were seen as artists or entertainers.

Motivations and considerations

There are several reasons why men choose to become male escorts. For some it is a way to earn quick money, for others it offers flexibility in working hours, and still others find satisfaction in providing companionship

Skills and qualities

A successful male escort possesses certain skills and qualities. Good social skills are essential, as is the ability to set and respect boundaries. It is also important to be empathetic and considerate. Physical grooming also plays a role; many clients expect their companion to look good. Training or courses in, for example, massage or dance can be an added advantage.

The path to the profession

For those interested in entering the profession, there are several steps to consider. First, it is important to explore what services you want to offer and what boundaries you set. Next, it can be useful to network with others in the field, such as through online forums or by attending events. There are also agencies that mediate between male escorts and clients, although some choose to be self-employed and recruit clients through an online platform.

Appearance and presentation

One of the most crucial aspects of being a male escort is appearance. Given that there may be intimate contact with the client, it is very important for a male escort to look good and well-groomed. This not only helps attract clients but also creates a sense of self-confidence and professionalism.

Communication and social skills

Besides good looks, it is essential for a male escort to have good communication and social skills. This means that he should be able to hold a good conversation, have sufficient life experience and deal well with clients. Great empathy is indispensable here. This enables a male escort to provide the client with an enjoyable and relaxing time so that they end the date satisfied.

Positive attitude and respect

Another fundamental quality of a male escort is a positive attitude. Under all circumstances, he should be a correct and respectful man. This means that he always puts the client’s well-being first, and ensures a safe and comfortable experience for both.

Age and health conditions

While anyone can theoretically become a male escort, there are some general guidelines. For instance, the age is usually between 21 and 55. However, this is not a strict limit, but rather an indication of the age range in which most male escorts operate. In addition, it is essential to provide recent proof of an STD and HIV test. This is not only to protect the male escort himself but also the clients. If one is infected with an STD or HIV, the profession of male escort is not accessible.

Development and growth in the profession

As a person gains more experience in the profession, a male escort can further develop their skills and services. Training and courses are available that are specifically designed to help male escorts improve their communication skills, increase their emotional intelligence and educate them on the nuances of providing companionship in different circumstances.

Safety and discretion

Another important aspect of the profession is safety. A male escort should always be careful when selecting clients and choosing meeting places. It is advisable to always inquire about a client’s background and always meet in a public place for the first meeting. Discretion is also paramount, both for the protection of the male escort and to ensure the privacy of the client.

Networking and client acquisition

As with many other professions, networking plays a crucial role in the success of a male escort. By making contacts within the industry, a male escort can get referrals and expand his clientele. There are also specialised websites where male escorts can sign up to become more visible to potential clients.

Ethical considerations

The profession of male escort is sometimes in a grey ethical area. It is essential that a male escort always acts with integrity and respect for both himself and the client. It is important to set boundaries and respect them, and to always be transparent about the services and expectations offered.

Market prospects and earnings

The demand for male escorts varies depending on geographical locations, cultural trends and economic conditions. In some metropolitan areas, there is greater demand for companionship on a paying basis, which can lead to more employment opportunities for male escorts. Earnings in the profession can vary widely. Depending on experience, reputation, specialisation and region, a male escort can count on different rates. As a male escort expands his network and portfolio, his earnings may also increase.

Specialisations within the profession

Different specialisations are possible within the profession of male escort. For example, some male escorts focus on escorting at events such as galas, premieres or business meetings, while others specialise in more intimate engagements. In addition, some male escorts may choose niche markets, such as escorting older clients or people with special needs.

Psychological aspects of the job

The profession can be both physically and mentally demanding. Constantly switching between different clients, each with their unique needs and expectations, can be mentally taxing. It is therefore important that a male escort has sufficient self-knowledge and, if necessary, seeks professional support to deal with the emotional aspects of the job.

Legal considerations

In some countries or regions, offering intimate services for payment can be legally problematic. It is therefore essential for a male escort to be aware of local laws and regulations. This may mean registering with certain authorities or obtaining certain licences.


The male escort profession is multidimensional and requires a balance between personal skills, business acumen and ethical considerations. While the male escort provides services of companionship and intimacy, he must also be aware of the larger context of human interactions, emotions and expectations. By putting respect, open communication and integrity at the centre, a male escort can provide a meaningful and safe experience to his clients, while at the same time caring for his own well-being and professionalism.