How to Have A Great PSE Sex Online


Porn star experience sex is the act of using a website on the internet to interact with another person and type out your sexual fantasies. It can come in a lot of forms and it can also be done with voice and with video if desired. No matter how you do it though, allows you to explore your sexual interests in a safe environment without the fear of judgment.

Are you interested in having great sex online? Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do to enhance your experience.

Be Confident

Being confident is an important part of online sex. You don’t have to know exactly what you are doing but you need to commit and try. Don’t spend forever trying to decide what you are going to do (type) just because you aren’t sure whether it is right or not. You often don’t have the option to think it through the same way in person and the pse sex should be similar.

You may not be confident at first but when you go in it aiming to act confident, your confidence level will grow.

Put Effort Into It

It is really easy to be lazy and just let the partner do all the work. You can shorten words into text speak and use short sentences if they are even sentences. Don’t do that. Put all of the effort you can into your pse sex experience. Your partner won’t just get a better experience this way, you will too.

Using spell check is another way that you can put effort into your sex encounters. You will find that many people, likely including yourself, get turned off when a partner doesn’t put the effort into a sex encounter to make sure they have everything spelt correctly. That small few seconds that it takes to use spell check can really improve an experience.

Use Your Imagination

Your imagination is a powerful tool and you can use it to make your sex encounters so much more enjoyable. Try to look beyond the screen and recreate the experience in your mind. This will help your body and mind to get on the same page and enjoy the experience.

You can also use your imagination during sex to explore new things sexually. Be open to trying things your partner might want and use your imagination to provide a creative and new experience for them.

No one wants to have the same experience over and over again and your imagination helps to ensure each sex encounter is unique.

Find A Partner with Similar Interests

One of the things that you can do to get a better experience is to find a partner who has similar sexual interests. No one likes having sex they aren’t interested in and that carries over to pse sex. Try to find someone who likes the same kink level, acts, positions, etc that you do.

It can also be great to find a partner that has pictures or a description that matches your desires and vice versa. With pse sex though you don’t always have a picture, or even a description, before talking to the person. So be open to talking to someone and then them not being the right experience for you.

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the best ways to make your pse sex experiences better over time is to practice. Have as much pse sex as you can and try out different things. Find what works and then get rid of what doesn’t.

Practice luckily isn’t something that is hard to get. You can find as many sex partners online as you want.