How To Start Your Content Creator Website

What comes to your mind when you think of Brands like Amazon or Tesla? They have had years to build trust among the audience with their perception; a luxury new brands don’t really have. However, since lockdown, the platform called OnlyFans has entered the mainstream of social media. It has become popular for being an X-rated subscription platform for sex workers to monetize their content.

But OnlyFans is not just for X-rated content. Musicians, sportspersons, creative artists, photographers, or anyone who can provide incredible content to engage their fans can thrive on OnlyFans. The subscription-based app has over 85 million registered users and over 1 million creators worldwide from various niches.

If you are an entrepreneur brainstorming about how to create a subscription website like OnlyFans, you are at the right place. This guide has valuable insights on creating a trending and engaging app to take our business to new heights.

Build your subscription-based content creator website step-by-step

When creating a subscription website, most entrepreneurs make the mistake of jumping into creating their site as it’s more tempting to work on themes, design, colours, etc. However, resist that temptation and start with careful planning.

Here are the steps you can follow to build your subscription platform like OnlyFans to connect with your audience and start making money.

Design the business plan to power your subscription website

Remember that it’s important to have a vision of how your subscription site will look eventually. The important part is to work through the details and clearly view the final outcome. To create the business plan, find answers to the following questions to define a clear outline to build your subscription site.

  • Who are you creating your subscription site for?
  • What is its intended function?
  • What are the ways to generate revenue?
  • Why should your target audience subscribe?
  • Where will people find out about your subscription site?

Create exclusive content for your members

The peculiarity of subscription services like OnlyFans is the content that is given to the audience. Make sure you offer content that will capture the special interest of your target audience.

Let’s have a look at the types of content that can catch your audience’s attention.

  • Specific content to help master skills.
  • Webinars to give feedback, support the community and motivate them to take any specific actions.
  • Content like cases, mistakes, reality, and behind-the-footages.

Choose one area you are planning to go really deep on before moving to the next type of content. You can also invite other content creators to make their contributions to make the content more varied and unique.

Start a membership website using the OnlyFans clone

If you are planning to replicate the success of OnlyFans and want to create a similar site with the same features and capabilities, the best bet is to use an OnlyFans clone like Fanso. It is a readymade community marketplace script that allows creating a subscription platform to connect entertainers with users.

Creating a subscription site like OnlyFans from scratch would be an option for entrepreneurs with deep technical knowledge, finances, and time. Considering the amount of money, time, and effort you have to put in to build your community platform, the best method is to use a readymade script to build your subscription site.

Effective ways for revenue generation

When creating a subscription app like OnlyFans, you must choose the revenue generation methods. Here are some of the popular revenue generation streams you can consider.

Membership charges

Allow your app members to access your content that has to be paid monthly or yearly.

In-app ads

Try running ads on your OnlyFans-like website to make money by partnering with brands. You can allow your users to access the app for free, along with watching ads.


Make money from the commissions that you can make every time a creator sells their content.

Set pricing plans for your subscription site

When choosing a price plan for your subscription site, stick to the following tips.

Focus on offering value and creating relationships

Make the price plan simple and highly valuable when creating a subscription site. Focus on the aspect that helps your audience succeed at achieving their goal. While creating the value they crave, you must also work on creating relationships between your members. The connections you create will be a reason for the audience to get results in the specific fields that they want.

Set the worth price

If you offer what your audience wants, then you can bring in a huge difference to your members. You can set a price at what it is worth.

Find the best ways to attract new members

Once you have a subscription website in place, the next task is to attract your first members to your subscription site, of course. If you already have an audience, you can inform them that you will invite the members to your membership platform. You can try inviting through a video or a webinar where you talk about how you can change the lives of your audience.

Promote your subscription website

A subscription website like OnlyFans can be extremely profitable, but only if the audience comes to the site. First, you think about your target audience, the one who is interested, and willing to buy, and where you can find them. Then you must find effective ways to encourage your audience to visit your subscription site. These can be done through social networks, blogs related to your niche, and more.

Consider using lead magnets and funnel systems to collect the emails of potential members, as most people won’t join on their first visit. Your lead magnet can be something like a free trial for 14 days or even a month.


Hopefully, this blog has provided valuable insights to assist you to build a subscription website like OnlyFans. The demand for premium subscription-based apps for creators is increasing with each year passing by. If you are smart enough to take advantage of this opportunity, move on with creating an OnlyFans app using a clone script which is the fastest way to launch a subscription site.

Users of today have become tired of censorship when using social networks. This increases the demand for membership platforms like OnlyFans that support all content types. If you cater to the demands of your target market, running a subscription platform can be a profitable business idea.