Improve Your Relationship with Some Furry Fun

Furry Buttplug

Butt Plugs

Most relationships in life are complicated, requiring that those involved master the fine art of balancing the many different factors that can affect the relationship. That said and while this is basically true for all relationship types, none is more delicate and complicated than the romantic type.

With already tricky dynamics involved in all relationships, this one adds a heightened emotional play that comes with the involvement of sexual intercourse. Anyone who is or has been in such a relationship knows (or should know) how important sexual intercourse is in such relationships. Given its importance as seen here, couples are always encouraged to look for ways to spice this all-important aspect of their relationships up so as to achieve a more rewarding and lasting experience.

To this end, our focus in this article will be on one simple way through which many couples seek to enhance their relationships. We are referring to the use of the sex toy known as a butt plug.

What are Butt Plugs?

The name is actually very self-explanatory. It is a device used for plugging the anus as a way of deriving sexual pleasure. To the uninitiated, you’re likely to wonder how exactly one is expected to derive sexual pleasure from having their butt hole plugged.

Well, though the anus is not a traditional sexual part, as part of the experimentation process, many couples engage in anal sex. This type of sex involves the penetration of the anal hole.

Just as with the dildo, which is a sex toy for penetrating the vagina, this one is for the butt hole. The difference is however that it is usually smaller than a dildo and is for both male and female use since both genders have butt holes.

It’s also very useful for those who want to try anal sex but find it uncomfortable. By using smaller plugs and gradually increasing their size, they can gradually prepare their butt hole for either natural penetration or penetration by larger toys.

Why use a butt plug?

For the purpose of clarification, experts have said that there is a scientific explanation for the link between anal penetration and sexual pleasure. According to one expert, male users will experience erotic pleasure because the device can exert some pressure on the area over the glands, causing this sensitive region to deliver great pleasure.

With new studies now showing that women also have prostates, even if a lot smaller, other experts are now saying that the use of this sex toy during the normal penetration of the vagina can yield increased pleasure. This is because it is said to be able to stimulate the internal areas of the mythical G-spot and clitoris. You can read more about it here:

The explanation above is merely for educational purposes only as this is a thing of personal choice. If it does not work for you, you do not need to bother yourself. This is strictly for those who find that it enhances their experience or are willing to give it a try.

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Types of Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs

Like most things we have today, these sex toys have a number of variations and we will quickly take a look at some of these.

Some of the different types include:


We can describe these as the no-frills type. These are simple and designed to have a shape that gradually tapers off. With this design, you can gradually increase the size that goes into your hole as you push deeper.


The main thing about plugs in this category is the fact that they are basically whimsical in presentation. You will usually find their bases covered with fake diamonds and other precious stones. You will also find inscriptions that range from the endearing to the naughty.


As the name suggests, this variation offers the ability to increase or reduce its size by adding or letting out air. It will always come with a little pump attached for easy pumping. One thing to note is that many of these also have vibrating features.


This is also a regular design but has a tail attached to it. When it is inserted, it makes it look like the user has a tail.


You can already tell the major characteristics of these. Its ability to vibrate can increase the amount of pleasure it can deliver.

These are just some of the options available. There are still others like the hollow plugs or even the odd or unusual types. It’s now up to you to decide which is best for your use.

Why Choose the Fur Tailed Variation?

Every butt plug basically offers the same fundamental function. Aside from the vibrating kind, which of course vibrates, and the hollow kind, most are largely operationally the same.

So why would a person want to choose a fur-tailed variant?

These fur-tailed butt plugs are great for role-playing. So in addition to its primary task, your partner can become a beloved animal or whatever gets you going.


As we stated earlier, sex toys, as with most things, are issues of personal preference. Should you decide to give this sex toy a try, you’ll do well to take special precautions.

  1. Always keep them clean and sterilised
  2. Use lots of water-based lubrication to avoid discomfort and even hurting your partner
  3. If you are a beginner, start small and gradually increase the size to give your butt hole time to adjust accordingly.