Tantric Massage – The Therapeutic Art Form Your Body and Soul Are Cravings

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage can give people a deeper connection between body and soul. This is done with the help of sensuality, mindfulness, and muscle relaxation – are you ready to give it a try? AfroditaBCN is the reference centre for erotic massages in Barcelona, with the most exquisite erotic and tantric masseuses, located in the heart of Barcelona.

Tantric massage

Are you feeling a disconnect from your body’s needs? Maybe you’re leading a healthy lifestyle on the outside, but on the inside, your energy is being blocked. As a consequence, you might be feeling sexually frustrated, or even stagnant.

Many people around the world are experiencing this inner blockage of energy, but unfortunately, they may not even realise it.

If you are experiencing blocked or stagnant energy. You have symptoms like irritability, boredom, lack of self-confidence and a lowered sex drive. None of these are enjoyable and all of which can cause issues in one’s personal relationships.

If you’re experiencing these frustrating inner struggles, why not explore the ancient therapeutic art form called tantric massage? It could be exactly what your body, mind, and soul are searching for.

What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is more than just a sensual massage. It truly is an art form, passed down by the Hindi culture, originating from ancient times.

When receiving a tantric massage, your entire body is carefully and intensely focused, in order to awaken your spirit and sexual desire. But mere pleasure isn’t the goal of tantric massage.

What tantric massage professionals bring people, is the connection of pleasure, relaxation, and the ability to be present at the moment. It’s the bonding of pleasure and soul.

Pleasure is intensified through mindfulness and tantric massage encourages mindfulness

No other kind of massage therapy includes a focus on mindfulness. And that is because tantric massage doesn’t stop at the physical level. It goes deeper than that. On a spirit level, by teaching the recipient how to be mindful.

Tantric massage professionals will guide their clients through deep breathing and eye contact practices, while also awakening feelings of desire through the body’s sensual erogenous zones.

When you are practising mindfulness during a sexual encounter, you will learn exactly what your body is craving, and you’ll also be able to experience a heightened sense of pleasure.


Is this sensual and soul-satisfying massage therapy for everyone?

Anyone and everyone that feels ready to connect with themselves on a deeper level and clear out any energy blockages they might be experiencing should definitely incorporate tantric massage into their lives.

Going solo

Even if your sex life currently revolves around you and yourself alone. That doesn’t mean that your sensuality should take the back seat. In fact, a tantric massage experience while single can be quite rewarding.

Without the need to focus on a partner, you are free to enjoy the experience all to yourself. And by focusing on yourself without guilt, you can explore deeper connections within your own soul, and ultimately realize that your sexuality and sensuality, start within.

Doing it together

With that said couples can benefit just as much from clearing out stagnant and blocked energy, through connecting with their bodies together.

Couples can work on tantric massage by first learning techniques from a professional. And then trying those new techniques out on each other.

On a deep and spiritual level. This style of ancient massage can bring couples closer together than they ever have been before. Effectively removing the boundaries that our egos have set in place for us and allowing our desire, vulnerability, and love to flow freely from us and into our partners.

Those with sexual dysfunctions

Many people with sexual dysfunctions have a difficult time releasing blocked sexual energy, as for them, sexuality and frustration or embarrassment might very well be connected.

Sensual and spiritual massage through tantra can help rewrite the idea of sexuality for these people, effectively clearing out negative energy.

Final thoughts

Tantric massage can be enjoyed as a learning experience. As a way of deepening your knowledge of your own pleasure hot spots, or as a way of learning how to connect mindfulness and pleasure. Or it can be used as an experiential tool, to explore parts of your own energy that you didn’t know existed.

But one thing is for sure – tantra is a creative outlet that can be enjoyed by everyone. Imagine if more and more people began to focus on their own mindfulness while experiencing pleasure. In this world, people would not see sexual expression as a way of boosting the ego.

Tantric massage shows us that pleasure is spiritual and by combining pleasure, mindfulness and spirituality, you have room in your heart for love and self-growth.