The Chamber of Deprivation

escort with pert bum holding handcuffs


The Chamber of Deprivation


If you are expecting Harry Potter and a Chamber of Secrets, you’re in for a surprise. The Chamber of Secrets part might be somewhat accurate, but The Chamber of Deprivation, located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, cater to a more, umm, adult audience.

If you’re into domination, subservience, or simply have a latex fetish itch you’re looking to scratch, you’ve come to the right place. Sissy or cross-dresser? Yup, The Chamber might be your guilty pleasure too.

The Chamber of Deprivation is a hidden Leeds gem located on a rural farm setting not far from the Leeds Bradford airport. This allows for anonymity and discretion. Once inside, the 3 room dungeon is all top-shelf. From the service to the equipment and atmosphere. The facility is purpose-built, with all the bondage and suspension devices your heart and body desire.

While safety is always paramount, The Chamber of Deprivation is also geared to meeting your desires. The dominatrices are well-vetted and professional. Whether your appetite is for the flavour of their boots, or for a raw rump that will stay with you as a reminder, you’ll be pleased to know that The Chamber of Deprivation is glad to accommodate. You will leave the session well taken care of.


Trust is an important component of domination and submission. Have your safe word ready. However, more important, are the people behind the operation. Mistress Davina is a legend in the fetish community and is your gatekeeper to access The Chamber of Deprivation. Mistress Davina can be reached at the Chamber at +44 (0)113 239 1556, via mobile at +44 (0)773 247 2515, or alternatively via e-mail at In keeping with The Chamber of Deprivation’s discretion policy, we will not publicise the address. That can be obtained by communicating with the Mistress herself.

If you are thinking of reaching out to The Chamber, but are hesitant, know that the fetish community is perhaps quite low-key, but strong. The Chamber of Deprivation supports the fetish community and looks to bring like-minded individuals together. These are some of the interesting events coming up.

02 November 2022

Halloween BDSM Party Leeds

This event is a collaboration between The Chamber and a Mistress operating out of the Huddersfield area. This is a limited-space event, and when the slots are filled, they’re gone. Costumes, food, fun, and Doms galore. When the party games involve whips, you know it’s going to be a night to remember.


08 December 2022

Chamber Christmas Bash

Sticky pudding and a stick to your pudding. Bring on the Christmas cheer! The back room will have food and other refreshments while the 3 rooms will be available for play. There will even be Garlands and a tree, so let the Yule tide festivities commence!