The Old and New Forms of Adult Entertainment, Technology, and Streamer Porn

Adult entertainment has existed long before the advent of videos and photography. The adult entertainment industry as we know it to be now, has been in existence since the Victorian age and has always been tied to technological advances, and between 1900 and 2000, adult entertainment witnessed the biggest changes.

And since the video era of porn at the end of the 20th century gave way to the digital era in this one, porn has seen another rebirth, with the help of phones, laptops, high-speed Wi-Fi, and advanced technology, this made it easy and convenient to get porn anywhere and anytime, technology has been able to give access to pornography. The Best Webcam Porn Sites can be found very easily, and there is a high variety to choose from featuring individuals of different age groups, ethnicities and performing sexual acts.

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The Old Forms OF Adult Entertainment



According to historians, the first proper brothels originated from ancient Egypt. Brothels are widely known as a place where prostitutes provide sex services in different acts for men, charging various amounts. Brothels are usually situated on special streets and in many places, there were regulations and control of the business.


Cabaret is a type of theatrical adult entertainment usually performed in a hotel, casino, pub, nightclub, or restaurant. It features an onboard performance of singing, recitation, drama, or dance and the audience does not usually participate in the activities, but watches on as they drink and dine. The entertainments are usually performed by actors and are mostly targeted at adult audiences.


The burlesque was a variety show featuring minstrel shows, comedy, and music halls. It rose to prominence in the late 1860s in America and slowly metamorphosed into a show of lewd comedy and female nudity. Towards the end of the 1920s, nudity and striptease had completely overshadowed whatever was left of the comedy.



A striptease is usually an erotic or sensual dance performance. In a striptease, the performer (commonly referred to as an erotic dancer or stripper) slowly undresses-either completely or partly- in a sexually inclined and seductive manner.

Stripteases were usually performed in venues now known as strip clubs but were also performed in venues such as pubs, music halls, and theatres. Strippers are sometimes hired to provide adult entertainment at private parties.

The 21ST Century Adult Entertainment

Girl in sexy red pants


Without any doubt, the 21st century ushered in an unprecedented level of advancement in the adult entertainment industry. Unlike in the past centuries when adult entertainment was basically striptease, cabarets and the likes, adult entertainment has experienced several drastic changes.

Online Porn

This is a sexually explicit material, designed to stimulate sexual arousal and excitement. Pornography could either be commercially produced or self or peer-generated content.

Online pornography is readily accessible on the internet via websites, social media, peer-to-peer file sharing, etc. The widespread availability of public access to the internet in the late 1990s led to a massive growth in online pornography.

Adult Texting

The advent of smartphones ushered in a new dimension of adult entertainment such as adult texting. Adult texting involves exchanges of sexually explicit messages between two or more adults. There are several applications and web platforms specially designed for adult texting.

Adult Games

Adult games are available on various platforms, computers, consoles, smartphones and virtual realities. Although these games are expensive, they provide ample fun for users. Some of these games are interactive while some are solo. For virtual reality adult games, users will need a virtual reality headset.

How Technology Adoption Has Brought Streamer Porn

Technological advances have brought about several advances in adult entertainment. Most notable among these advances is the streamer porn.

Streamer porn is an online sexual activity which involves users watching cam models having sex or performing other sexual activities. Streamer porn comes in various forms and has several advantages.  Some advantages include live cam-to-cam sex, live sex chats, and many more.

With widespread connectivity to the internet, people can access streamer porn from various internet-enabled devices such as computers, smartphones, tabs, etc. Streamer porn platforms usually come with high-definition broadcasting quality a user-friendly and efficiently organised interface that allows you to easily navigate the site and explore the world cam to cam sex.


Compared to the old formats of porn, streamer porn holds a lot of advantages and more and more people are embracing streamer porn. It allows users to choose their preferred models from a wide array of cam models and have live interactions with them. What’s more? Users also dictate to the cam girls whatever activities they want them to perform.