The Top 5 Most Popular Adult Tube Websites In 2022

Let’s face it, today there are almost as many adult tube sites as there are stars in the sky. Deciding on which one to take for a spin has become no easy task, but we are here to solve that issue!

Porn Search

With so many new pornstars and tube sites around and such little time, why don’t we cut straight to the chase? Just type “Porn” into Google, what do you think you will see? It’s fair to say that the results will be pretty “hot and spicy” and more on the explicit side of things!

The highly qualified staff of Google have curated each and every one of these sites. They have been ranked based on quality, so they must be worth your time, right? Well actually, they aren’t always right, and that’s also why we’re here. We evaluate the goods the old-fashioned way: with a pair of eyeballs and a hunger for good quality muck!


Our Top Three Adult Tube Sites


The homepage screams quality with every clip clearly marked “Full HD”. The majority of their videos are above 10 minutes with a fair amount hitting the 35-minute mark. Their list of categories is relatively smaller than other tube sites, but also less confusing. To find what you need, all you have to do is play around with the site’s search bar.

The Stats

  • Monthly Visitors: 5 Billion
  • Average View-Time: 9:39 Minutes

This is a great site in terms of quality and ease of use so, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most well-known porn sites out there.

Their impressive 9 minutes and 39 seconds of average view time leads us to believe that pornhub will easily satisfy your each and every need!

Couple filming sex session


More of the homepage is taken up with distracting ad space than its competitors. There are some 1080p videos, but many of them are 720p and some are a grainy 480p. Most clips are above 10 minutes with very few surpassing the 35-minute mark.


The Stats

  • Monthly Visits:4 Million
  • Average View-Time:8:03 Minutes

It was quite surprising to find out that their average view time was just over 8 minutes. Youporn has been around for a fair amount of time, but even the biggest players in the industry sometimes struggle to hit the 5-minute average view time mark.


This site is attractive and easy to navigate. It has a monster list of over 500 categories with everything from ‘Australian’ to ‘Yoga’ and a whole lot of filth in between. There are some longer videos which can go up to 35 minutes long, but most are shorter at about the 8-minute mark.

It’s worth noting that the video resolution isn’t displayed until after you click on the thumbnail. You can waste valuable time on potato-quality porn unless you use their filter, which in our eyes, is a huge time-saver!


The Stats

  • Monthly Visitors:6 Million
  • Average View-Time:4:23 Minutes

The mere 4 minutes and 23 seconds of average view time shouldn’t be alarming, but it also doesn’t look too promising. Either the videos are extremely effective, or they leave you looking elsewhere to finish off the job.

Cam girl filming

Top Trending Adult Tube Site

With a clear-cut homepage and solid user interface, xHamster could not have been omitted from our list. Providing choices between not just HD and 4K, but VR videos as well. Featuring more than 1,200 categories to browse through, the site also includes live shows, as well as its own dating service for those struggling to find a fuck buddy. The video quality can be hit or miss if you are browsing without filters but it’s a quick and easy fix.


The Stats

  • Monthly Visitors: 549.1 Million
  • Average View-Time: 12:04 Minutes has a very dedicated user base with the highest yet average view time and its monthly visitors surpassing half a billion!


Top Up-And-Coming Adult Tube Site


A brand new tube site which hasn’t failed to capture our attention, has just launched and is already receiving a lot of positive reviews! The site has a straightforward user interface with 58 different tags and the ability to filter videos based on different languages.


The Stats

  • Monthly Visitors: 150.7 Thousand
  • Average View-Time: 8:06 Minutes may not have been around for long, but its average view time is standing neck to neck with Youporn and is even expected to surpass Pornhub within the coming year or two. The site had over 150,000 visitors in its first-ever month, a number which is expected to significantly increase before the end of the year!

Porn downloads

Our Verdict is the best all-around adult tube site by far. With its super high-quality videos and a comprehensive but not confusing selection of choices, it’s no wonder that its monthly visitors are well above everybody else in the industry. Of course, it’s easy to say that Pornhub is the best porn site based on numbers alone, but there’s no definitive way to say that it’s the right adult tube site specifically for you.

If quality is not an issue, then maybe would be your best bet. If you like to browse through many different categories then might just hit the nail on the head. Looking for something new? Then Datingsextapes is the obvious answer!

Each site has its pros and cons, but ultimately the question is: Which tube site will tick every box on your “check-list”?