Tijuana officials call for the promotion of escorts

Pepe Avelar – former head of the Tourism Committee in Tijuana – is calling on the Mexican government to lift the taboo on all forms of escorting and promote the sex industry as a unique local attraction. In his view, Tijuana’s escorts are already known far beyond Mexico’s borders as attractive and inexpensive professionals, so it’s not surprising that more than 40 percent of vacationers come to the city to see them. And if the intimate industry is allowed to operate without serious restrictions, the annual number of foreign tourists will increase several times, which will entail a serious inflow of finances into the state budget.


Officials’ views on Tijuana’s escorts

According to Avellar, escorts are already a significant part of Tijuana’s tourist industry. Their importance became especially evident during the COVID-19 epidemic when many brothels, strip clubs and intimate parlours were forced to close indefinitely. During this period, the treasury received almost none of the profits that had previously come from the intimate industry, and the shortfall was palpable.

The official believes that it is necessary to allow the brothels and escorts in Tijuana to operate openly in any format to maximize their attractiveness to attract foreigners. Of course, such an ambiguous sphere of activity needs strict state control, so registration of legal brothels and regular inspections by specially created bodies are mandatory.

The government should not only allow intimate activities but also think over and launch a large-scale advertising campaign that will promote the sex services of Tijuana around the world. After all, this resort is famous and recognizable precisely because of the local putanas, so it is necessary to make this a hallmark of the region. Bars, clubs and intimate salons should be open in all parts of the city around the clock, because it is a sought-after tourist product. And as an example, Pepe Avelar cites Las Vegas, which is initially positioned as a romantic and sexual adventure for the tourist.


Advantages and benefits of escorts in Tijuana

Many local officials and prominent figures believe that the development and promotion of the intimate industry is something that is already happening in most major cities in Mexico. And it would be foolish not to use the popularity of sex services in the common interest because if you consider the economic benefits, and compare them with the legal and moral aspects, it becomes obvious that thoughtful authorization and competent control will only bring benefits.

It is a common perception in the world that many Mexican escorts girls are victims of sexual pressure and exploitation. However, with the legalization of the sex profession, the situation has changed dramatically, as many girls are now starting to work legally and voluntarily. According to Avelar, excessive pressure and attempts to eradicate escorting is precisely the biggest problems in many foreign countries. The more actively the country fights against intimate profession, the more escorts go underground, becoming part of the shadow economy.

Many figures put forward the idea of creating a unified registry of escorts, which would include all the active escorts of Tijuana. This would not only help to exercise competent control over the problematic industry but also provide greater security for all participants in the process: both the escorts and their customers. However, so far the official government has refrained from commenting, so it is unclear how open it is to ideas about officially promoting Tijuana’s sex services. Nevertheless, such plans are already firmly rooted in the minds of many representatives of the local erotic segment, and they continue to promote them to the masses.