UK Festivals and escorting

Uk festival

As the weather in the UK starts warming up from the dead frost of Winter, and the days grow slowly longer, Brit minds begin dreaming of the most English of Summer traditions, the music festival. The largest of these, the Glastonbury Festival, has been held annually in Somerset since 1970. And is as much a staple of the British calendar as Wimbledon. The festival is a right of passage that many continue to attend well into their adult, and even senior life. Why not make a festival more fun with a party escort?

I recently began examining the UK festival scene in search of perhaps attending one or three this Summer, now that Covid appears to be waning. The first thing I noted was how many festivals there really are to choose from. It is expected that the top 10 music festivals that will occur in the UK in 2022 will see the better part of a million patrons meander through their gates. But looking at smaller events, it often feels like there are an infinite number of smaller festivals. While this may feel intimidating, it means that you’ll find the right event for you, no matter your taste. Many of our Sussex escorts, or to be honest escorts throughout the UK love a good festival and to get down and dirty with you.

Big Festival in the UK

The larger UK festivals tend to focus on current music or music giants of years gone by. I this is what you are looking for, you’ll likely want to stick to these larger events which often span over an entire weekend. But if you are looking for something other than 100,000 individuals in a field listening to the latest stars Spotify has to offer, you’ll find a large pool of options. England is a large market with music enthusiasts willing to shell out some do re mi to be entertained in fields across the country. This makes organising such an event in England an easy choice.

When considering which UK festivals, you wish to attend, there are some factors you should consider. The first would be which type of music you are interested in. Some will be more difficult to find than others. Classic rock would be fairly easy. Gregorian chanting may be more difficult to find. So long as you are into a genre from planet Earth that is of interest to 5 or more individuals in the UK, you should find some festival that matches your taste. When checking out our long list of escorts, look for the party girl services. If an escort likes to party, you know she will be able to keep up with you whilst listening to some heavy rock, or maybe even an all-nighter rave.


Where is the festival located?

A further consideration would be how far the event is from you. The Island of Britain is not fantastically large, but travel is a logistical issue that should be kept in mind. If you live in the North, and the event is in Sussex, the chances of being able to leave and come home in a single day diminish greatly. The expense will also be considerably greater than travelling just a few miles from your front door. Keep this in mind when choosing an escort for an exciting festival weekend. Make sure you agree on a fee with your chosen playmate before meeting and starting your adventure.

You should have some idea of how many days you wish to spend at the event. As we discussed earlier, some of these events go on 3 or more days. If you intend on staying for more than one day, you will need to make plans that allow for this. Most events that go on over several days will allow participants to camp in a tent or a camper vehicle. There tends to be a limited number of camper vehicle spots, so book early rather than later.

Now you hopefully have some idea of the:

  • Type of music event you would be interested in,
  • Whether you want a local event or something you may need to travel several hours,
  • How many days you would be interested in attending and the logistical considerations?

In the next instalment, let’s look at booking your event reservations. We’ll also look at the brass tacks of actually attending these British traditions.