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Valentines belt

An article on how to make your girlfriend obey, based on Fifty Shades of Gray. And at the same time give her pleasure, which she did not know about.

You’ve probably heard the name Fifty Shades of Gray. Yes, yes, this is the same mystical book, because of which Harry Potter in foggy glasses stands frowning in the corner. A book that has alarmed the print market and has multiplied in millions of copies. Honestly, out of our entire editorial staff, only one person read this iconic manuscript – the fitness editor. Since then, he has become proud. We suspect this is the first book he actually read and did not use instead of barbell pancakes. But after short persuasion, he nevertheless designed to retell us the content.

In general, the essence of the best-seller is that the main character subjugates the main character – both in life and in bed. And she likes it. A kind of easy BDSM option for everyday life. In fact, many experts explain the success of the book by the secret desire of modern women, who have finally reached suffrage and leadership positions in transcontinental corporations, at least sometimes feel weak again. Although sometimes not to manage, but to obey.

And the easiest and most inexpensive place for girls to be subordinate is the bed. Or other places suitable for sex. So our task as true gentlemen is to show these presumptuous persons who are the boss in sex!


This in no way means that you should jump on an unsuspecting girl with handcuffs, chain her to a radiator, and spray her with hot wax. We will not get into the jungle of BDSM practices. This is a separate large-scale topic. And what we are going to do is ask Domina Jemma, a Stunning Expert Dominatrix and sensual Sadist with 15+ Years of International Experience who has a profile in the UK mistress directory, to tell us how to gallantly subdue a girl in bed.

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BDSM practices

A rare girl (and then only if she is very drunk and thinks that you are her short-haired friend) admits that she wants to be in the role of a subordinate in bed. It was not for this that women have erected the flag of emancipation on the barricades of feminism for years in order to admit to some men there that sometimes they like to be weak and defenceless victims. But what about the partnership, what about respect for a woman ?!

In addition, many girls have a fear of appearing “crazy.” However, according to our expert, “the idea of ​​games with elements of BDSM practices as inherent in people with disabilities is wrong.”

In general, do not even try to find out in a culturally verbal way if a girl is prone to masochism. There is a great risk of earning a reputation as an insidious oppressor of women’s will. You will have to be cunning and resourceful, like a spy in enemy territory.

Do not reveal your intentions to the last. When caught, deny everything (“I tied you to the bed not because you are my slave! This is a show of respect”). If you are careful and attentive, the girl, without suspecting herself, will be in your power. And you will not only give your partner pleasure but also please your own ego.