What is an Escort service – Complete Guide

Guide to escort services

Escort Service

An escort service refers to some kind of companionship provided by escorts for the clients. Escorts can be independent or from an escort agency. Escort services are legal in most countries, and should not be confused with prostitution. In contrast to prostitutes, escorts are more about spending quality time with and delivering special favours.

Escort services are focused on the concept of quality companionship while ensuring both mental as well as psychological satiations. Depending on the comfort and exposure level of the escorts, the escort service might vary –ranging from simple GFE (Girlfriend Experiences) to body massage services, cuddling, going out on dates or vacations, and others. In some cases, escorts might as well extend their services to intimacy with the clients.

Trends & History

Escorts and escort services have been in existence for over a long period in the history of mankind. The act of delivering and accepting services from an escort started way back in ancient times –dating back to the 4th century BC. In such an era when marriage was just some kind of official agreement, people sought love and affection outside their bedrooms. Gradually, escort services were made legal in various parts of the world.
As far as the trend of escort services is concerned, escorts have revolutionized their way of interacting with clients and delivering services. The escort services in the traditional times were more about enchanting the men with special skills like dancing, singing, poetry, and other types of sensual measures. In the modern era, escort services have taken a new definition and meaning by advancing value-added services like GFE (Girlfriend Experiences), delivering intimate massages, going out on dates or parties, and so more.

Incalls & Outcalls Escorts –Which is the Best for You?

When you reach out to an escort agency to hire professional escorts, you typically come across two types of escort services:

  • Incalls Escort services
  • Outcalls Escort services

In an incalls escort service scenario, the client can visit the escort at her residence or place of selection. It can be a hotel or an apartment in which the escort is residing.

On the other contrary, in the case of an outcall escort service, an escort visits you at the desired destination. Whether you are staying at a hotel, or you have your own apartment in a particular city, you can call upon girls with the help of a prior booking from a reliable escort agency.

United Kingdom –the Hub of Escort Services

When it comes to the worldwide escort business. The United Kingdom tops the list when it comes to being the most famous destination for escort services. While prostitution itself is illegal in the UK, escort services from legitimate escort agencies are considered legal. There is a myriad of legitimate escort agencies operating in the United Kingdom. Providing access to escorts from all parts of the world.
Some of the potential reasons for the United Kingdom being the hub of escort services are:

  • The city of London alone attracts over 18 million tourists on an annual basis. There are thousands of clubs, bars, and restaurants that attract visitors to the late-night city entertainment –something more adult to do on the weekend nights.
  • Great London is divided into distinct areas –each featuring a good range of adult entertainment options –right from Soho & West End to the main city, East London, North London, South London, and West London.
  • Prices for hiring escorts are quite affordable in most parts of the United Kingdom. On average, the punters can expect to pay around £150 to £200 on an hourly basis with an escort.
  • There is a great variety offered when it comes to hiring escorts in the United Kingdom. Most escort agencies boast the presence of a wide number of escorts of all age groups, ethnicities, sexual appeals, and so much more –right from Asian escorts to Russian escorts, blondes, brunettes, Chinese, Japanese, and others.

Pros & Cons of Being an Escort

Working as an escort comes with its own set of benefits as well as drawbacks. Some of the potential benefits of being an escort are:

  • Regular Source of Income: If you are looking for ways to earn money regularly, being an escort provides you ample opportunities for the same. Most escort agencies make it a point that escorts are paid on an hourly basis for their services.
  • Lucrative Income Source: In addition to getting a regular source of income out of your escort services. You can also be assured of getting a lucrative source of income. In most countries –especially the United Kingdom, the rates of hiring escorts are quite impressive. As such, being an escort in the United Kingdom, you can ensure financial stability by getting paid lucratively for your services.
  • Safety of Services: While you might have several speculations with respect to being a professional escort –especially with respect to your security, being an escort with a legitimate escort agency takes away all such fears. You can be assured of the overall security of services along with the ultimate discretion of your personal identity while serving as a professional escort to some reputed escort agencies in the United Kingdom.

Some of the drawbacks of being an escort could be:

  • There might be a risk of developing specific health complications. However, when you act wisely and make use of the necessary precautions, you can evade the same easily.
  • Safety issues can arise while being alone with a complete stranger. However, most of the escort agencies impose strict regulations with respect to ensuring the safety of the escorts. Therefore, it is recommended to always work with a reputed escort agency in the city.

Best Ways to Book an Escort Service

As a punter, you can have multiple options to satiate your intimate desires by hiring an escort. Some of the common ways are:

1. Escort Agencies: Hiring escorts from reputed escort agencies in the city is the best option out there. With this option, you have the following benefits:

  • A variety of girls in the gallery of the agency
  • Assurance of confidentiality
  • Safety of services

2. UK Escort Directories: When you are hiring escorts in the United Kingdom, hiring the same from a leading UK escort directory like us is another great option. You can come across a wide number of leading, legitimate escort directories online –featuring both escorts as well as escort agencies for you to choose from.

3. Independent Escorts: You can also consider hiring independent escorts in the United Kingdom from some of the leading online portals like VivaStreet, Kommons, Skokka, and others.



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