Which Male Sex Toys Suits You?

Smiling man in a field

If you are new and slightly overcome by the amount of sex toys on the market, let’s supply you with a few suggestions.

Take a good look and make sure you see what is available for people with a penis. Special attention should be paid to the functionality and convenience of purchasing and using the toy.

The Head Master Stroker

A lovely toy with some rave reviews. This toy concentrates all the pleasure on the head of your penis, concentrating specifically on the corona on the frenulum. This is the main area where the nerve and sensitive areas are.

Inside you have a collection of lovely little fonds and outside you have a ribbed texture for your ultimate satisfaction. You also have the option to turn the toy inside out to suit your preference. Most of these types of toys have a vibrating option, which is multi-functional.

Use with a good quality water-based lubricant. This male toy can also be used with your partner for blowjobs, hand job or sex for extra stimulation, as it’s open-ended.

Prostate Rotating Vibrator

This male sex toy is a really good option for internal and external usage. This toy is targeted towards anal and P-Spot stimulus. Generally, these toys are ribbed slightly and curved at the end. Some have different shapes on the shaft for extra incentive. Normally the bottom of the toy vibrates which you can feel through the length of the toy. This toy is normally no more than 4 inches in length.

Try and buy one with a remote for extra control and comfort. Also, the toy should rotate at the top and osculate for extra pleasure. Normally the toy looks like its dancing. Purchase one with various remote functions and pattern buttons to help you along and a USB chargeable.

Water-based lubricant and wash after every use, the same as every toy you use.

The Bionic Bullet

Many people think this male toy is just for use with couples but you can use it alone. Reports say this toy is used better when you are on your own, you be the judge.

A classic cock vibrator, many have a vibrator attached that is normally ribbed or with little fonds. The vibrator can also be detached and used separately with some versions. This toy comes in many different sizes depending on your personal preference and can be fantastic to use with your partner. The same lubricant and cleaning methods apply.

The Flashlight

This superb male sex toy normally comes in a tidy case with an adjustable bottom to start and vary the speed. Before this, you can take the dust cap off and you will see the place where you insert yourself safely.

Normally a size of 6 inches and an opening of 1 inch at one end. To make your toy nice and snug insert your penis. Inside you have a superb and supple texture with safety in mind.

The makers want you to have a real-life experience. You can even soak the toy in warm water to heighten that special feeling. Use a water-based lubricant for added pleasure and enjoyment.

Enjoy your male sex toy and have some fun by visiting Getfleshy.