Anal (Giving) Escorts


perfect girls ass in tight pants

Anal giving is when your partner provides penetration through the anus. This is with either their penis, strap-on, or other toys. This can be extremely pleasant for the recipient and can be a taboo that they have wanted to act out for some time.

To start off, it is advised to start slow and small. Maybe with fingers instead of the penis, or a large toy. You must know your limits and make sure you are comfortable.

There is no hurry with anal giving, just like any other sex act. By taking your time, you will enjoy the experience thoroughly and will make sure you do not experience any pain or discomfort. Using some form of lubrication can make this a much more pleasurable experience. This can help it slide much more easily, and heighten the pleasure to the maximum.

For safety and hygiene, all parties who want to take part in this popular sex act must clean thoroughly before and after. Using warm water, soap or shower gel would be ideal as you lather your ass and gently clean your area. This will relax you and get you prepared for some naughty fun.

As always, communication is key. Discuss exactly what you want from the experience so both you and your partner know what to expect from the beginning. If during or after, the sensation is not to your taste, speak about it. Although this sexy and pleasurable act is common, it is not for everyone!