Squirting Escorts


woman wearing red lipstick reaching orgasm

Squirting is a female orgasm which also may be called female ejaculation or gushing.

This happens either before or during climax and can be achieved by stimulating the G-spot and clitoris; however, some women can squirt through G-spot stimulation alone. Sexologists believe that all women are able to squirt but only a few women experience this in their lifetime.

The woman needs to feel 100% relaxed and comfortable, if she is tense there is less chance of her being able to squirt.

Squirting orgasms are on the next level of pleasure for the woman and it's much more than a regular orgasm. It is a lot more intense according to the women who have experienced them; this is the most powerful orgasm and who wouldn't want to help her achieve it?

This is a very popular fetish for certain individuals; does the thought of you making a woman gush turn you on? Helping a woman achieve a rare and intense orgasm certainly is a goal for some gentlemen, so you can understand why it is a massive turn-on!

There are a number of our escorts who know how to let their body relax enough for you to stimulate them in the right way. They will guide you so you can help them to gush all over. You need to make your chosen escort feels comfortable and tease her as much as possible so she is at the brink of an orgasm so she is able to squirt for you.

If this is something you want to experience make sure you are prepared as you may need to lay towels down as it could get messy! (the good kind)