Fetish Escorts


extreme bondage outfit

There is a wide range of fetishes that currently exist and you hear about new ones every day. A Fetish is defined as "a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc". A person's fetish may be Watersports, Latex, or certain foods to name just a few. Although there are certainly some strange fetishes out there, having a Fetish does not make you weird. You may enjoy being humiliated by your partner, and although your partner may not understand this particular taboo, there are many out there who do!

If you have a Fetish that you wish to bring into the bedroom, the first thing you must do is discuss this with your partner to make sure they are understanding and are happy to partake in what you wish to do. Your partner may have no issues dressing in skin-tight leather or taking part in light bondage, but if your particular Fetish is Watersports, they may not find this so appealing!

Preparing for your Fetish! Some acts may not need any controls in place, but some, such as Hardsports, 100% do! You may need a bathroom close by, lay some towels down, or have cleaning products ready to tidy up once the fun stops. Remember to communicate thoroughly with your partner, and make sure you both know and understand what you are happy with before you start to try new and exciting sexual experiences.