Water Sports (Giving) Escorts


kissing a woman whilst spooning

Water Sports (Giving), or urine play as it is also called, is the act of urinating in or on another person. Individuals who add Water Sports to their sex play may enjoy being urinated on or urinating on their partner's face, body, and genitals. Water Sports can also include urinating in your partner's vagina or anus. This is an unusual taboo and isn't for everyone due to its nature. This kind of sexual act is closely linked with humiliation and BDSM as urinating on someone is often shown as an act of degradation or punishment, using someone as a toilet and making them feel beneath you. Water Sports are sometimes linked with Hardsports, another niche messy taboo!

Water Sports (Giving) is where your chosen escort would be happy to urinate on you. Preparation and safety are two keywords if this is something you wish to explore. As you can imagine, this act can get very messy indeed! You may want to lay down some sheets, perform this in a wet room or shower, and always have towels on standby. The fetish may be something you have wished to explore for some time, however, although urine is sterile within healthy individuals, infections can be passed through urine, so you should always keep safety in mind, and only take part in Water Sports if you and your partner are safe to do so.