Water Sports (Receiving) Escorts


couple smiling in the bedroom
Water Sports (Receiving) is just like giving, but yes you guessed it! It is your partner instead that enjoys being urinated on, whether this be their body or face, or in their vagina or anus. This taboo is not for everyone, and many escorts, and indeed partners do not like the thought of being urinated on, but yet some individuals do enjoy this.
It is a popular taboo at fetish clubs, between dominatrixes and submissive partners, and the general BDSM community. If this is something that excites you and you wish to do with your chosen escort, you must make things 100% clear about what you desire from the start. Your sexy companion may agree to have her breasts urinated on, but if you want to pee in her mouth or sexual organs, then this may be a no-go. If she is not comfortable with your request, then you must respect this.
Safety is extremely important when considering Water Sports (Receiving). Although urine is sterile; if either partner has an STI, this can be transmitted through a golden shower. Preparing for this taboo is important too. If you are your partner are new to Watersports, it is a good idea to drink plenty of water beforehand to dilute the strength of the urine and remove any nasty taste or colouration. You can start slow by perhaps urinating on your partner in the bath or shower, as you get more experienced, you may want to lay towels down and urinate on your partner whilst they are laid on the bed. Make sure you have appropriate measures to clean up once the naughty fun is over! Because as you can imagine, it does get messy!